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Shaken: Joss Stirling

After the popularity of my reviews on Ms Stirling’s Finding Sky season, and interview. I felt drawn to look into her second young adult series covering an organisation that solves crimes. Shaken is the third in this series.

Rose Knight is still at school, Rose has a secret. Since her mother is gone, she needs to take care of her older brother and father. Doing whatever it takes to find enough money to pay the bills, keep the house running, and pay off their large debts as both are involved in crime. Rose has a skill, she is very good at playing stocks and shares to make money to keep her family afloat. Something she fits in around school, while trying to keep her grades up to get into a good college. She has few friends, trusts no one with her secrets. Not even her next door neighbour Joe and his family who try to take care of her. Joe’s mum is the closest thing she has ever had to one.

With threatening letters turning up on her door step, photos of her kidnapped father along with ransom notes. Rose has no choice other than cutting herself off to make as much money as possible to keep him alive. Millions she makes and sends over to the account as requested. Never asking for help, knowing that the FBI wouldn’t be there for her. Knowing with her families ties to crime, she is their only hope. So she keeps at it, trying to find a way out of the situation. Even though she hates her father, she can’t allow him to be killed.

Problems come when Joe’s mother asks him to look into what is happening to Rose, worried for her. He and his friend Damien both work at YDA, a youth organisation that trains them for a future in solving problems. Splitting them into groups, Wolves, Cats, Owls and so on based on their abilities. Once they get involved, calling in a favour from their hacker friend Kieran Storm they find out more than they ever should about Rose’s problems. Bringing the FBI involved, which leaves Rose on the run trying to solve the case all alone. While chased by Damien, who is falling in love with her despite himself and she with him. If she can ever forgive him for selling her problems out to the FBI.

An exciting read, where you can really feel Rose’s desperation coming through in the writing. How she would do anything for family, even walk right into the lion’s den setting herself up into a life of crime for loving them. Out of the three books in this series, this has to be my favourite.


Sarah Beth James