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Meet Jonathan and Sara. Two random people out Christmas shopping, who both accidentally end up grabbing the last pair of black cashmere gloves in a shop. Who end up talking, going for a drink. They part again, she refuses to give her name or number. A few minutes later they re meet as he forgot to take his scarf with him and her the bag of gloves. They go off together for a short while, ending up skating in central park.

Jonathan is completely smitten, wants her number, yet again Sara refuses. She is an avid believer in fate. Saying if they are meant to meet again then the universe will bring them back together. She gets him to write his details on a $5 bill, using it to go buy some gum. Saying if it comes back to her then it’s meant to be. She writes her details on a book, putting that out to the cosmos as well.

Jonathan still can’t let go, he desperately wants to know her better. Giving fate one last chance to show them what she wants, Sara drags them to a hotel. Putting them in different lifts, if they both pick the same floor then they are meant to be NOW not later. Strange thing is they do both pick the same floor, yet he gets side tracked when a child presses a million buttons keeping them apart.

Seven years later both Sara and Jonathan are on the verge of getting married, neither can leave the past behind. Both setting off in search of the other in New York one last time before they settle down. Both hunting every where they can think of, all the places they had visited together. Often managing to pass each other by just seconds. Such as one climbs into a cab as the other walks behind it. There are times you are cursing at the screen for one of them to TURN AROUND!!!!

Fate has a lot to say over the few days they look for each other, dropping hints of both keep looking and give up. You can see the desperation in Jonathan as he starts to think himself mad looking with his best man for this girl. Even travelling all the way to England in search of her almost missing his own rehearsal for the wedding. Both characters have amazing chemistry in this production. A real credit to both John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s acting abilities.

Perfect movie to snuggle up with your partner under the blankets with.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James