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Seeking Crystal: Joss Stirling Season (book 3)

Following on my Joss Stirling season, I am afraid I am unable at the moment to get my hands on the second book in the series (Stealing Phoenix) so we are skipping a head to the third book: Seeking Crystal. Stealing Phoenix is on my Santa list so I should be reviewing in the New Year.

Crystal is the younger sister of Diamond Brook. They live in Venice where Crystal works making costumes at a local store supplying films, local balls and so on. Diamond is working on bringing peace to local deals in Denver her sister at her side. After having dinner together one night the girls are attacked at gun point. An off duty police officer from USA comes to help them (Trace Benedict), as soon as he touches Diamond they realise they are soul mates. The rest of the world disappears, even the wounded Crystal who has banged her head badly.

When they finally realise she is hurt, they take her back to the hotel, and she refuses hospitals with past problems there. So Trace calls his brother Xav to come look at her. However he can do little to help as Crystal won’t allow him to. She isn’t telepathic like other Savants, she has only a low end skill of finding objects. Leaving her the disappointing younger sister that no one really notices. When Xav tries to talk to her in her head she throws up. Telepathic noise around her always makes her feel ill, even worse with concussion. He tries to talk to her about the blankness in her head the next day, but she ignores him. He tells her to go to a savant doctor as there are things wrong in her head, she again ignores him. Heard of love at first sight? Well this is more mutual hate at first sight. Although Xav seems drawn to her from the start.

Crystal leaves to go home while her sister and Trace plan all the wedding details. She goes back to her normal life. Making costumes that her boss asks her to model for a film company producing a big budget film in the area. The casting director is very interested in her model looks, which she finds surprising not seeing herself as good looking. Offering her a job on set as an extra.

Of course a spanner is thrown in the works as the Benedict’s and her sister come home, Xav also being offered a role on the film. They are paired up as lovers in the film, the director insisting on realism. As they kiss, they discover there is something between them that they can’t explain. Softening to each others company. Kisses that set them both more alive than ever. As well as none of her new or old family approve of her wanting to be a model. Insisting fame will put them all in danger.

Problem is when the hen and stag do’s are arranged. Crystal, Diamond and the other savant wives get attacked. Crystal wakes up on an island, almost naked, with no memory of what has happened. Or where the others are. Finding her way back to the boys, Crystal needs the help of Xav to uncover what has happened to her as well as locating the savant wives. Who just don’t exist in their soul mates minds anymore. While Crystal comes of age, into her powers in the most amazing of ways.

And Xav?

Well, of course he is her soul mate. Who else could drive you so crazy as the one you love?

This is one of the best books in the series so far. I am always drawn into Joss’s writing, her complex twists and turns. This book really touched me as Crystal has spent her life thinking she is nothing. That she is a rubbish savant with no real skills. To find out eventually she actually has one of the most important, and unusual gifts there is. That she is the only one who can not only find, but save the girls who have forgotten everything and everyone they once knew. Perfectly highlighting how important people are, even if they never believe it of themselves. A highly positive message to youth who just haven’t found their place or their skill set yet. Crystal and Xav are by far the most amazing characters in this book series by far.


Must keep reading the rest of the series soon.

Sarah Beth James