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Save Me: LGBTQ Book Review

Save Me (Book - 2016) 5/5 Stars

Could being gay really be the cause of all of Jack's problems? He had scoffed at the idea before whenever homophobic Christians told him he was living a life of sin, but now that his relationship is in shambles, his work has gone down the drain, and his grades are slipping, he starts to wonder if maybe they're right.

As his life continues he'll get different signs telling him that he should and shouldn't be gay. His friend Nic desperately tells him that there is nothing wrong with being gay, but a local preacher tells him that anyone in the LGBT community is living in sin, and that they need to be changed so they're not damned to hell.

Nic can't let Jack believe the words that the preacher is telling him, and recruits the help of a young girl, the preacher’s daughter, to help him fix Jack's confusion and stop the preacher from spewing his skewed ideas to other people. Unfortunately, the preacher has no quarrels with hurting his daughter any more than he does with hurting the people of his church. Now, not only does Nic need to find a way to save Jack, but he also has to find a way to save this sweet, battered, youth.

Somewhere along the way Nic loses hope, but only until he finds out that Jack has been sent as a punishment to some Christian camp that was created to "get rid of the gay" in gay people, and he was stuck there. Nic decides that he can't just leave Jack in there, so confused about right and wrong. So with a camera phone hidden, and a plan made with a justice seeking police officer, Nic goes in after him under the pretense of being someone who wants to change to be hetero. That leads to a few surprises for young Nic as he searches through the camp for Jack.

As you read this book, you grow to love and hate the characters passionately. You care deeply for what happens next and feel a hunger for the words to come that can only be satisfied by turning the page and reading more from the story.

I fell in love with this book, the story being told is one that made me cry, and that's not easy for books to do to me. Reading this story was like reading a wake up call to the skewered way that people think these days, and reminded me that not everyone has the capacity to love and accept people for who they are, and that hits very close to home.

To anyone out there looking for a good LGBT book that will have you in suspense with characters who you will quickly grow all too fond of, look no further, for Sarah Beth James has written the absolute masterpiece.

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Felicity Knight