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Sarah's Soapbox: The 'Gay Agenda' in media and entertainment.

Beauty and the Beast live-action version has been hitting our news feeds for months now. Creating a very eager hype for the new production due out in only a few weeks. Showing snippets of the CGI, the fantastic dress as well as snippets of the songs we can expect to see. Critics talking with excitement about the upcoming viewings. It was the it film of the spring that everyone wanted to see.

Well until this week that is. When it suddenly released that Disney was including an openly gay character in the piece.Since then the film is being bashed, hated on, Disney is getting contacted with demands of:


Can't we see a single film without the 'gay agenda' being shoved down our throats?

Disney you will ruin yourselves

How can I let my children see something so disgusting?

Thanks Disney, will give it a miss. #disgusting

Sick of gays everywhere I turn in the media!

All examples of tweets seen since the news hit.

So, let's take a look at this idea. The film you love the look of, you love the CGI, you think it's a very close reimagination of the original, with a great cast. Yet you won't go to see it because of one single gay character? Are you insane? There are millions of people in the LGBTQ* spectrum, more coming out every single day. Why shouldn't they have their own characters on tv? Why should closeted kids be scared of coming out because they don't have role models in the media to show them it's okay? If years of gay kids watching straight tv shows, with straight relationships hasn't turned them straight, then why on earth should your straight children be turned gay by watching one gay character on tv?

Regardless of what a few of our world leaders think, the battle for rights is done already. We might need to retune the boundaries now and then to make sure everyone in every country is protected. But never again will this entire world go back to thinking anyone in the community should be hidden again. I would remind a lot of you people campaigning against this that are in multi-racial relationships, a few years ago they were considered wrong. When Star Trek had the first multi-racial kiss on tv between Kirk and Uhura it was banned. Now it's a perfectly common thing to have mixed relationships on tv.

Since when was having gay characters in media such a big thing?

Oh yeah, about the last five years when they became mainstream. When we see Castle showing a f/f relationship. Orange is the New Black with several relationships. Since Pride movies became an everyday thing. Do you really think that the first movies with Community characters in only just started coming out now? Seriously?

Guess again suckers.

How many of you watching Mrs Doubtfire growing up? Remember the couple who help Robin Williams dress up as a woman, with all the makeup and so on? GAY 1993 release date.

Philadelphia A gay man dying of AIDS. One of the most groundbreaking and critically acclaimed movies of 1994.

In and Out 1997. A fantastic movie where a teacher keeps insisting he isn't gay, before slowly realising actually he is. Getting fired for coming out.

Brokeback Mountain Another award winning movie. 2005

Queer as Folk One of the first tv shows to showcase LGBT characters. Ran for five seasons. Starting in 2000.

Pokemon the tv show Team Rocket with their obsession with the guy always wearing dresses. 1997

Will and Grace 1998, main cast gay.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Willow held not one but two f/f relationships during this 7 season show, starting in 1997. People were more upset about the fact it promoting witchcraft than the 'gay agenda'.

Emmerdale and Brookside both showed relationships during their long-running shows, being the first soaps to do so. (To my knowledge, please correct me if you know an earlier appearance)

The Birdcage 1996. Showing Robin William's in a gay relationship, owning a gay club trying to fake straight for the night to meet his son's parents. Based on the play La Cage Aux Folles from 1983.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Well that's pretty much a given, we all know that one. 1973/1974 for both the stage show and the movie.

Mannequin 1987. One of the very first films I adored growing up. I never thought anything of Hollywood being gay, I thought he was awesome. I loved his clothes.

My Best Friend's Wedding 1997. Julia Roberts and her best gay friend plan to win back the heart of the man she loves, when he is about to get married. When he fails, the friend turns up at the wedding so that she isn't alone.He even faked being her boyfriend when she asked. Back before having a GBF was a social statement.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Again, I think that one explains itself. 1994.

Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994. One of the hugest films of that year.

Soap tv show, circa 1977. Huge thank you to Brad for that one, I had no idea about that one.

As the World Turns Ran from 1956 to 2010. Including Luke and Noah's story. The first gay kiss to hit daytime USA tv in 2007.

Melrose Place 1992 Mat Fielding

Dynasty 1981 Steven Carrington.

Desert Hearts 1985.

Getting the idea yet? Gay isn't new, it has always been around and until now, practically no one was bothered about it. Only a few idiots who think they have the right to object everything on the face of the planet. Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Grey, published 1890 has huge homoerotic overtones. The Victorian's were often of the opinion women are for babies, men for pleasure.

Kissing someone you love is never wrong.

Just because you now feel it's your right to deny our existence, doesn't make it true. Why does freedom of speech only work when you are hating on us? Not when we want to just exist and have the right to marry whomever we want? The same rights that you have. Giving us the same rights as you doesn't harm your rights. It doesn't take away from anything you have. If you don't want to watch the movie for a pathetic reason like fear, feel free. The rest of us will enjoy it without your bigotry.

Closeted kids, please remember. If your parents are homophobes, hold out. Don't say anything, don't come out to them. Wait until you can get out of that toxic environment before you say anything. If they walk away (like most of my family did), you don't need them. They don't deserve you! Because you would love them unconditionally, they should do the same. It gets better. Just hold on.

One day you will be glad you are still here, I am.

Sarah Beth James


Author's note. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me suggestions for this articles. I know I didn't use them all, I tried to pick out the oldest and the most well known. You have certainly all helped to educate me just how many times you could find community characters in film. I have a nice long list of things to view now. Big thanks to Jamie, Baron, Ali, Brad, Jenny and everyone else.