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Sam & Dean Winchester: The early years: Season Four

Lazarus Rising

Now the boys have been through hell. The last season we are left with the fact Dean was just killed by hellhounds. They ripped him apart while his family watched. Sam and Bobby (who is played by the clever Jim Beaver) had to bury Dean. The season three ends with Dean screaming for Sam to help him. Season begins with flashes of light. We see Dean's face and then it was a jolt. Dean wakes up six feet under. He screams and just about nothing comes out of his mouth. He begins to claw his way out of the grave. When gets out he looks around and he sees all of the trees are laying down. It was like a nuclear bomb went off.

So, we see Dean walking down the road. He fined a gas station and knocks on the door. No one was there so he broke in typical Dean style. He makes a beeline toward the cooler that holds the water. After downing a bottle he makes his way over to the sink and washes his face and hands. He has some more flashbacks of his time in hell. Then he lifts his shirt. (I know a bunch of fangirls melted at that point!) There is a hand print seared into his skin. He then grabs a paper. He focuses on the date realising just how much time has passed since his death.

He takes the newspaper and grabs a bag and fills it with water and food. He stops at the magazine stand. He sees his favorite one. That patent Dean grin comes out while he is opening it. So, he makes his way over to that register and pops it open. He grabs some money and the tv that was the shelf next to him turns on by its self. Dean turns it off. Next the radio turns on. He runs over toward the salt. The sound is getting louder. It is so loud that Dean has to cover his ears. The next thing is the windows shatter. He is laying on the floor with glass all around him. Then the noise stops. We see Dean stand up and he peers out.

Now for the fun part. He finds a payphone and tries to call Bobby. Booby doesn't believe him. Dean calls again and Bobby is pissed and tells him if he calls again he will kill. So, Dean hot wires the old beat up car he finds outside and is off to Bobby's house. He makes it there and knocks. Bobby answers the door, he is freaking out. Dean is standing right there when he can’t possibly be. Bobby knows that Dean was buried but he had no idea how got there. Dean says "Surprise" as he walks into front door. Bobby said" I don't" . Dean replies back "me neither". That’s when Bobby goes after Dean with a silver knife. "Bobby!!" Dean screams. Bobby always delivers the line "my ass" with ease. Bobby takes a second to really understand that he was Dean. They hug, but Dean turns his head and Bobby tests him one last time with holy water in the face.

The talk and try to figure out what happened. That is when Dean finds that Sam took off. Dean tells Bobby about his grave site. They both think that Sam made a deal to bring Dean back. So, they go and hunt Sam. They find him at a crappy motel with a girl. When Sam sees the both of them he tries to kill Dean. In one hell of a fight, Sam ignoring his father figure when he tries to convince him that they have already been through all the various demon tests. That scares the girl (Ruby) who is played Genevieve Cortese. Bobby tells Sam that it is really Dean. The girl leaves and the guys talk and they want to know if Sam made a deal, but he didnt. No one made any deals that they know of. Sam had tried for months, but no one had wanted to make any. He couldn't stop Deans pain so he was off hunting Lilth who is played by Katherine Boecher. They take off to see Pamela who happens to be a psychic. She gets them one step closer to whatever pulled Dean out of hell. She gets a name. Castiel. That is when Pamela's eyes are burned out of her head. They call 911.

The guys end up at a diner. They had been talking and the waitress sits down at the table with them. That is when she turns her eyes black. The demon wanted to kill Dean but she couldn't. Something pulled him out and she wanted to know who. They bicker back and forth but Sam wanted to kill her. Dean stopped him and smacked the demon for go measure. Then the guys left. At the motel Dean is asleep with books all over the bed and we see Sam sneak out.

That god awful sound happens again. Dean bolts right up holding his shotgun. In the motel room there was a lot of glass and mirrors. The sound was louder and louder. The glass cracked and shattered again. Bobby happened to be at the door when all of it was going on. They both get out of there. Dean calls Sam to let him know that Bobby was back and they were going out for a beer. That was a big lie. While Dean and Bobby are trying to summon whatever Castiel was, Sam was checking on the demons they left at the diner. Sam sends the last demon back to hell with his mind and out pops Ruby from the back.

Dean and Bobby summon Castiel. They try to kill him because he burnt out Pamela's eyes. Nothing works on him. Castiel puts Bobby to sleep. Dean finds out that Castiel is an angel. God wanted him out of hell to fight all of the seals. Now, that is when this episode ends..

From one fangirl to others...Stay tuned for season 5