Lecura here,

For the first time, I’m reviewing a book called Runes by Ednah Walters which was released in 2013.

I read this book not that long ago and fell in love with story and I’m continuing to read the series. It captures you from the first page and you won’t be able to put this book (let alone series) down.

It starts with a young teenage girl named Raine Cooper, who lives a normal, ordinary life in a small town with her friends Eric and Cora; hanging out, going to school, until a young man (Torin St James) moves to town. Raine, from the first time seeing him, knows something is not right with him but what? That is the question she wants to find out.

Raine gets to know Torin as he is going to school with her as well as Eric and Cora. He joins in on the football team, but little does he know it was probably the worst idea he could have had. His friends who are like him; Andris, Ingrid and another turn up one day for a sports day. Right away Raine suspects that one of Torin’s friends just does not like her, she is jealous because in fact Andris likes Raine, but why does he? While playing sports Raine is flung back and hits the ground so hard that she breaks bones, along with the wind being knocked out of her. What happened? Or should I say who did it? Torin has secrets that he’s hiding from everyone, will she find out what he’s keeping from everyone along with his friends?

Raine on the other hand is finding out about herself when she gets to know more about this young man and what her life is all about. What will she find out about herself and will it be for the better or the worse?

Raine’s father is missing and has been for quite some time after an accident, Raine and her mother are still hopeful that he is still alive, but is he? Will Torin help Raine see where or if her father is still alive? Or will he return to them both one day on his own or be lost forever?

As you probably think Raine falls for Torin but your mistaken she falls for her best friend Eric, who she has been friends with since she was a little girl. They never thought about being in a relationship but soon they do. He would always go over Raine’s to stay or to even eat tea as her parents knew him and kind of treated him like a son. But Torin maybe not out the picture just yet it’s not to say she won’t fall for Torin. Will she choose to stay with Eric or will she fall for the new bad boy of the town?

Read the book and find out.

The book takes you on a journey as you read about the life of Raine and her friends and what she becomes.

It’s one of your supernatural themed ones but you won’t be able to put it down.

I give this book an 8/10 for a good read

Hopefully you enjoy the book as much as I have.