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Rocky Horror Reboot: Love it or hate it?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reboot, coming October 2016 seems to be a very hot talking point of the moment. I openly admit that I have been a voice against this production ever since I first heard that they cast Ms Cox as Frank. I have no issues with them adding diversity with black members of the cast. Nor do I with them changing hair colour, costumes, or anything else of the sort. Even if it seems slightly strange that Magenta is now a black lady with pink hair. My issue has been all along that you can not have a woman playing a male role. The whole point of Frank is he is a sexually open, alien, who dresses as a woman, yet still knows he is and wants to be a man. The shock factor of Tim Curry in a cloak, make up and a corset is completely lost when you add in a pair of boobs to the production in my opinion.

The fan verse has been up in arms since the casting, even with the damage control done by the production company of returning Tim Curry as the Narrator and bringing in Adam Lambert as Eddie hardly managing to bring even a slow simmering level of excitement to most of the fans. If the Glamberts are barely excited about Adam being in something, then its time to be frightened. They literally support him in everything he does!

Since the trailer hit, I find myself even less interested in seeing the production then before. Although Brad and Janet look and seem very much like they should. Riff Raff seems to be completely copying and trying to be Richard O’Brian even down to his accent. The same for Frank, the accent is clearly being taken straight from the original production. The costumes look like she is being played more like a dominatrix. Whatever this reboot is, it simply just is NOT Rocky Horror.

Then again, I start to wonder if not being Rocky is the whole point?

Rocky always was used to bring forward the LGBT community to mainstream. The struggles of transsexuals, gay, lesbian and bisexual people are becoming more easily accepted every day. As the world moves forward with more and more equal rights. Gay marriage being legal in more countries all the time. The struggles of a lot of the LGBT community are now thankfully, moving into the past. So we can move forward into a better, more equal future.

However the struggles of Trans people are still very violently in the public eye. Things like the rest room orders in America show exactly how far we still have to come for this part of the community. CIS women being dragged from restrooms and beaten just because they MIGHT be trans. It’s disgusting! Even though this reboot is not what I think of as Rocky, maybe it is exactly what the Trans community need. It’s about their struggle now. Their search for acceptance in the eyes of themselves and those around them. If this reboot can in anyway help even just one Trans person then good for production team!

Sarah Beth James