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Responce to anti LGBTQ comments made by staff members

To the Friends, Family and Fans of The Pulse -

One of our favorite aspects of The Pulse has always been the richness and diversity of our collective voices. We have writers from multiple continents bringing their unique perspectives to the Pulse community and we value having different angles from which to look at entertainment and the arts. However, while we fully respect the "marketplace of ideas" and believe in the right to free speech, we recently found ourselves in a dilemma regarding comments made by a staffer that could be construed as insensitive towards - if not discriminatory against - the LGBTQ community.

We heard you voice your concerns about this matter and offered our colleague multiple chances to remove and apologize for the content in question, but the staffer's repeated refusal to make amends with a community we support - and are honored to count as friends and readers alike - showed us the only course of action remaining. This writer is no longer associated with The Pulse Entertainment. The Pulse appreciates the right for the contributor's opinions to be had and expressed freely, but we will not associate ourselves with potentially discriminatory speech or antipathy towards any group of people - especially an already-marginalized and persecuted group such as LGBTQ's.

To anyone who read these comments, please accept our sincere apologies for them. They do not represent the values or opinions of The Pulse or its staff, representatives or affiliates, nor should as much be inferred. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with you, rebuild our trust and provide you with the best entertainment news and info possible.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support. All our best,

  • The Pulse.