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Lecura here,

So I came across a tv mini-series called Rebellion, wasn’t too sure if I should review this but I think because it’s a big part of British and Irish history I would like to review the tv mini-series. It’s also the 100 year anniversary since this horrible event has happened.

Now it’s a touchy subject I know but our history lives with us, educates us with what happened and we learn from it, least I hope we do.

The show starts off with of course Ireland being part of Britain in 1916 and years before, it goes through the years leading up to the day of the political uprising and a small war. It tells us with of course fictional character of the Irish political uprising and shows us what did happen that year in 1916 Easter week.

The rebellions in Dublin, Ireland started to try and take back their country from the British. They began a small war between themselves and the British army some being Irish themselves. They tried to fight to gain control of Ireland in other words freedom but they didn’t succeed. In fact it was more like they didn’t want to succeed but to make a point behind what they were doing. The leaders of the groups were caught and slung in jail, or worse shot dead for taken part in the rebellion uprising, the rest of them were sent home especially majority of the women. They didn’t want to be British ruled they wanted to be just a country on its own “Republic of Ireland”.
Women and men both fought against the British and would have died for their country no matter what.

Ireland finally got its wish and became an Independent free state in 1922, free from Britain. Northern Ireland stayed part of Britain and is still the same to date. 1916 the week of Easter was just a horrible event and even though the rebellions weren’t innocent they were fighting for their rights, for their country. Both sides lost men but it was the Irish that were fighting for FREEDOM so happened that men and women lost their lives to try and take back what was rightfully theirs, well that’s how I see it.

There are a lot of documentaries out there about the rebellion uprising if you love history might be a good idea to check them out.

After watching this, it showed me that yes the times have changed but in Ireland they will never forget that day or the events leading up to it or afterwards. Ireland both Northern and Southern even though they are side by side some still do not like one another not just because of the uprising also because the catholic and protestants sides.

When I went to Ireland few years ago I visited Belfast, and it was a nice place and the people were friendly. There are a lot of Southern Irish working there which I did find surprising, just shows not all can hold a grudge.

Southern Ireland where my great grandparents are from we noticed on the drive that on the Londonderry sign that London was scribbled out, just shows you they have not forgiven the English. I never got a chance to see Dublin but in fact went to the 2nd biggest town in Southern Ireland Letterkenny which was a nice place to visit. The country side on the drive there was beautiful and seeing runes of old castles etc was something you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the world other than Ireland and of course Britain. No matter what’s happened in these countries I know we can’t forget our history but we live on and hoping to give the new generations of our time a good life and not involve war, maybe one day we will have this Freedom, and peace for all.

We can only hope this will happen.

Keep the history alive