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Rapture: Lauren Kate

First published 2012

In the final instalment of the Fallen book series we finally see Lucinda and Daniel reunited. Luce now with far deeper understanding, memories of many of her pasts, changed by the events of her travelling. Freely able to talk of her other lives with Daniel when he comments on one, who is finding it highly emotional after so long to share it openly with his love. Something he never thought could happen, normally the slightest amount of understanding would kill her. They are comfortable in their love for each other now, ready for their happily ever after that Daniel has painfully waited for so long.

Or would be if Lucinda’s past flame Lucifer wasn’t using the announcers to travel back to the original fall from heaven to take over. Keeping Lucinda and Daniel forever separated, jealous of everything they have become together, what they mean to one another. Anything to trick Lucinda back into loving him, to take back his brightest light.

The angels and Lucinda have to travel the world in just a few days to collect the items which will point them to the original fall site. Somewhere none of them can remember anymore, lost in the mists of time and the confusion from falling. All this so that the final angel who never gained the ability to choose can finally do so. Changing the balance between good and evil forever when they do so. If you think that angel is Daniel, then guess again. As we discovered in Passion, Daniel has already made his choice long ago. He chose love. So who is this mystery angel? I wonder if anyone worked it out as fast as I did? (Early book one)

This is a truly beautiful book, one of the bets of the series. With a touching ending to pull at your heart strings how ever twisted you may be to love. As well as giving you incite into the other angels in the series finally. I wish (for the sake of abused teenagers all over the world) that the abusive Lucinda/Lucifer relationship had been shown more clearly and explored. Not just brushed over that he dimmed her light, making her miserable. The more we talk about the stigma of abuse, the more we accept that it happens. The more we can show young men and women it is not okay, do not stand for it. Do not accept it, you are worth more! My first relationship, I didn’t know the difference between love and obsession. If it had been in my reading material at that age, it may have made a big difference to my understanding level as it could to hundreds of teens.

I also wish that Lauren Kate would write one final story, even if it is only a short, showing what happened after the finale chapter linking it into the start of Cam’s story.

Great book 9/10

Sarah Beth James