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Queen and Adam Lambert with a side of James Corden

With the North America tour kicking off this summer, Queen and Adam Lambert are already starting their promo and press conferences for the event. They look excited to be working together again, after taking a break so Adam could tour his own solo work last year. There is no doubt in my mind that given the fact they are re touring America, there will be more Uk/Europe dates coming soon as well. I forecast winter to early spring next year, but anything could happen given the busy work schedules of both parties. Mostly I think this as Isle of Wight festival seriously played up being QAL's ONLY 2016 date, which leads me to believe that means 2017 they will return.

The Late Late Show with James Corden has always had a strong variety of guests, and song battles. Which I often pay attention to. I have to wonder however exactly how much James knew about what was going on that show. As QAL were not on the list of guests for the filming, they just arrived and James although he looked fake surprised to see Adam return to the show, he looked genuinely surprised to see Roger and Brian turn up as well.

Bragging he could be a better front man than Adam was never going to end well, as they entered into a lengthy battle to see who really was better. Which you can clearly see all parties enjoyed completely. A perfect start to the promotional events.

You can see the official link to the performance below.

Tickets for the North American Tour on sale now!

Sarah Beth James


credit to @Angel_nDisguise for the tour dates.