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Pride Season: There's a Prince In The Kitchen - Wesley Jade

Working with CEA Publishing, I have the honour of working with a number of amazingly talented writers. Some of which, I can proudly also say, join me on our wonderful Entertainment site. I first met Wesley, when he came over to Pulse to Head our Anime section. Knowing he had already published in CEA collections, and that we are both working on the Pride edition due out in September. For which we will be interviewing Wesley, oops. I maybe should have told him that. We got talking. He kindly offered to proof read one of my upcoming stories and then offered to send me some of his. Who is going to say no to gorgeous M/M stories?!

There's A Prince In The Kitchen, was the first of Wesley's stories I have read, but I will be reading and reviewing more. I've really been taken by his tender writing style.

Lucio De Luca is a chef, that is all he has ever wanted to be. He puts everything into his business, and his special recipes. Trying to avoid dealing with an abusive past or his troubled sexuality. Even when, years on, he still has nightmares about the event that nearly ruined his life.

Sarah, his best friend and the manager of his business. Tries to convince Lucio that he needs to deal with his past. Setting him up on various dates, which always end badly. Hiring him a young kitchen assistant to help out, to take some of the pressure off him. Wait, no, that's not the love interest!

Lucio discovers a small child in his kitchen. Hiding from her father. He gives her ice cream and talks to her a while. Until her father comes slamming in, demanding to know where his child is. That he clearly hadn't missed for some time. Blaming Sarah for her lax security that even allowed the child back stage. Which is never going to go down well with the head chef!

However, it is this man. Who will provide Lucio with an offer he can't refuse....

Or maybe, more than one.


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I don't want to say too much about this stunning novella and ruin it for you. Other than, it is tender, loving and adorable in every way. How a small child, thinking she has seen a Prince and running can change the life of all of them. A must read!


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