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Pride Season: The World's first viral animated LGBTQ love story- In A HeartBeat

Who would have thought a simple College thesis would break the internet? Certainly not Beth David and Esteban Bravo from Ringling College of Art and Design.

Since the short LGBTQ friendly animation about a young boy coming out and coming to terms with how he feels about another high school boy. As his heart runs off after him, in front of the whole school humiliating him. As all his peers watch on, judging him for it.

The Pixar type animation shows what the future of animation could and should be. A little island of light in a world full of darkness and hate. Showing true equality, in a sweet, loving light. A production which has broken the internet, with over 10 million views. Shared widely by LGBTQ sites and artists on social media. This is exactly what The Community needs right now. Already shortlisted for a host of film festivals.

We can only hope that this amazing short film, becomes a series. As well as these talented artists, gaining employment with one of the great film companies.