22nd May 2017:

Just another day, people living their lives. Going out, having fun. Not knowing that anything would happen. Just a normal, simple day. A day to see a concert. A day to celebrate life, love and be happy.

A normal day.

Until terror hit.

Last night, the Manchester Arena was hit in a sick, twisted terrorist attack during an Arianna Grande concert. A suicide bomber, that killed 22 people (believed to include children) and hurt 60 (some critical) to the current report. An attack that has left 60 children without guardians waiting in a hotel for news if their family is okay or not. Countless missing, including an 8-year-old girl. Just eight!

A second device was located at the Arndale Shopping Centre this morning and thankfully controlled so no one was harmed. The city centre remains on lockdown, while the police do their job to control and contain any issues. After two bombs, it's perfectly understandable that they are concerned there may be other issues. I still remember the first time the Arndale went up, years ago. No one ever thought this could get so close to home, that terror could take so many lives.

Now the Pulse gunman, Paris attacks, London a few months ago and countless other attacks. The world has gone insane. Why are people more obsessed with money, fame, power, religion and little pathetic power struggles than people? People are the only thing that matter. Whatever race, colour, creed, sexuality you are, they are god damn people! Just like you, like your family, like the others around you. THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!!!!!! Just people living their lives, trying to be happy! Why do they deserve to die just because they do not fit your perfect ideal of what a person should be?

Why should people be afraid of going to clubs, or pride or seeing a show? Just because you don't want them to? Why should any group of people live in fear? Be scared to be who they are, their true selves? Why should the world bow down to you and your terrorist viewpoint? Why should you get to control and dictate how the whole human race asks or looks? The whole point of humanity is its diversity. Otherwise, as a race, we will stagnate and die out.

Today the world mourns the loss of life from Manchester, world leaders come together in support of it, artists come out in support. This is the time we have to fight back. Against hatred, against terror, against segregation. This isn't a time to point fingers, and say send them back home, or they aren't like us so they should die. That is just feeding the fire, giving the monsters what they want. The only way to get through this is to love. Love will always overcome hatred. If we stand together now, love our 'siblings', we can make a difference. We can start to fight back against these terrorists, fight back against hate. Only in true equality, true harmony and support of each other as a race, not segregated peoples can we ever have a hope of winning this war on hate.

So, be kind, love each other, whatever divides you just remember. In their heart, they want exactly the same as you. Love, family, friends, happiness, a good life. Look past the colour of the skin, the religion, the sexuality and all those other little pointless things. Just, see the soul inside, the person.

Live well.

Be kind.

And never, ever be afraid to dance.

Our thoughts with all those involved, we will be posting updates as we find them until this is over.

With love from all of us at Pulse.

Details of the missing, please check in if you have seen these people or if you are one of them and are safe.


Details of how to locate the guardianless children, taken from FB this morning. Get them home, please.


Manchester There are over 60 children without guardians at Holiday Inn if you're missing or can't get hold a loved one ring 01618369600/07896711298

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UPDATED!! 5pm Uk time 23rd May 2017.

Our thoughts also go out to all those at the school terror attack in the Philippines and the hospital bomb attack in Bangkok. Keep strong, our prayers to all of you.