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Pray for Manchester concert: watch live tonight!

After the tragic events of the Terror Attack in Manchester, as well as the terror attack in London last night. Ariana Grande gears up for her own charity benefit concert tonight, bringing a host of stars with her. Including the reformed Oasis, Robbie William's, Blackeyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Take That and Coldplay. Along with a host of guest stars not yet confirmed. All profits to help those affected by the tragic events of terrorism.

The tickets sold out within 6 minutes for the event tonight, staged at Emirates Old Trafford. However, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the 'One Love' concert. As not only will the BBC be showing it from 6.55pm tonight. It will also be broadcast on MTV worldwide. Please check your local TV channels as constantly, new channels are confirming they will be showing it or highlights of the concert. Latest show Disney's young adult cable channel showing it in full. ABC an hour special. As well as broadcasting on 130 Iheart radio stations.

After last night's attack, fans who are attending the concert are being urged to not bring any bags with them. As well as security is being increased to make sure no harm comes to any member of the performance or audience. Please, do not be afraid to go tonight. Band together, and make this what it should be. The whole world coming together to fight against oppression.

Peace and Love to all those affected by these tragic events the last few weeks worldwide.



UPDATE: Thank you Adam Lambert Media for this!