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PlayStation Announces Top Downloads for June 2017

Justin Massongill, Social Media Manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment America, has just announced the top PlayStation downloads on their various platforms for June 2017. Before we get into discussing this list, I've posted it here for your convenience.

Now on some of them there are no surprises. Friday the 13th was always going to be a big thing on the Ps4, and the commotion about the remastered Crash Bandicoot has received so much hype lately that it was bound to be near the top. I am surprised at Shadow of Mordor being 3rd though; I am still trying to complete it with its frustrating controls, but I must admit it is still too good to quit on it. Minecraft is surprising still getting a lot of love in 9th position, but I would have placed GTA V higher up on the chain than 4th.

The Last of Us gets a good 2nd on the PS3, and I'm guessing loads of players are wanting to play it before the sequel is released. I am so not into console sport games, unless you count F1 as a sport game whereas I count it as a racing sim. Last month there seems to be an astounding amount of sports downloads for the PS3, leaving me wondering if E3 2017 had anything to do with that.

Taking a quick look at the rest of the lists, I'm rather surprised Diablo 3:Rise of the Necromancer didn't hit number 1 for PS4 Add-ons. I'm going to be picking that up soon, as I'm eager to play through his storyline. Skipping PSVR, since I don't own one, God of War tops the Vita charts and that must be due to the upcoming God of War exciting everybody in anticipation. Three GTA games hit the Classics top ten, and I don't blame them. GTA classics were always fun, and I have two of them on my Vita as well.

And that's it for June's charts. I've put some trailers of the top number 1's for each section below. Some of them are for mature viewing.

Shaun M Jooste

Author of Celenic Earth Chronicles and Silent Hill: Betrayal

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