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Pitch Perfect Two

Yea the Bella's are back, storming into box offices worldwide. Making $107.5 world wide it ins first week. Hardly surprising with takings like that Pitch Perfect Three has already been confirmed. The secret to this success is bound to be the fact that all bar one character has returned with the original cast, a rarity in sequel movies. The storyline is as good, if not better than the first.

The Bella's start at the top of their game, singing to the President. A slight wardrobe issue later from Fat Amy and the Bella's are back to being nothing, risking never being allowed to perform again. The end of the Barden Bella's for all time. Given one shot and one shot only at regaining their career the girls go to a retreat to try to find their sound again to return to their former glory. With Beca now struggling to hold down a job at a recording studio as well as the Bella's will she be able to keep up with the pressure?

We have a new member of the Bella's this time around in Hailee Stienfeld as Emily. A legacy whose mother was one of the greatest Bella's to ever live. A shy girl who can barely sing with her eyes open and is obsessed with singing her own original music rather than covers. An idea that is shunned in the acapella world.

Add into that the drama of an explosive German team and a shot at going to a competition that all acapella groups in the world attend there is certainly plenty of pitch fighting to go around. Along with a new romance for Fat Amy, and Beca starting to question her own sexuality when faced with the leader of the German Team. Cameos from a few old friends. This is a completely enjoyable evening out for all the family.

Boot camp is a fantastic piece, where Beca and the team try to rediscover their sound, ready for the new competitions. The only shame in this film is there is very little of Jessie. His interaction with Beca really made the first movie. Watching the group start to move towards adult life and adult jobs, away from the place they are the happiest. Although how on earth they will use the same cast for a third film when virtually every single member has left I have no idea!

Again great music, fantastic end scenes. A must watch!


Sarah Beth James