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NEW RELEASE: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Also known as Salazar's Revenge in some countries.

Already earning nearly 400 million worldwide at the box office.

Firstly, I have to say before we start this review. I will not be telling you what happens pre-credits. Even though it is a fundamental part of the storyline. It has been so friecely protected in the trailers and promo that I do not think it is fair to. I would rather leave the viewer to discover the who's, where's and why's on their own. Although, when you do see the first ten minutes or so of set up. You will very quickly realise it is the only way they could possibly have taken the production. Kudos to the production team for keeping this golden opening an almost complete and total secret!

This production had a lot to live up to, after the not fantastic reboot with Jack looking for the secret to eternal life. Given the fact it was the first without the main characters of Will Turner or Elizabeth Swan, the storyline struggled a little. As clearly is Jack on his own. This movie starts with him as a washed up, drunken, waster. With only a ship on wooden stakes on a beach. His crew are still trying to plunder gold, with Jack more getting in the way than anything else.

As soon as you hear about the opening of a brand new, 'impossible to break into' bank. You know, that Jack and his crew won't be far behind. Trying to plunder a brand new treasure. Although, stealing the entire bank clearly wasn't part of the plan. Before losing all of the treasure, and losing his crew as well. As Jack tries anything to get his next bottle of rum. Wishing that he could release the Black Pearl from the bottle she is trapped inside of. Regaining his old life. You know how far Jack was fallen when he trades his beloved compass for rum. Starting a chain of events that can not be stopped.

Although we have a host of old returning characters, nope I'm not telling you all of them. Although Wiki will if you really want to know before watching the movie. We have new characters in Henry. A young naval man, who knows everything there is to know about curses of, and mysteries in the sea. As he hunts for a way to find Poseidon's Trident. Warning his crew when they are about to enter dangerous waters for ships, ignored and stripped of his position. The ship ventures in any way, before finding far more than they can handle. In Salazar and his crew of ghosts, murdering them. Now, both Salazar and Henry have a mutual need. To find Captain Jack Sparrow. So, Henry is allowed to leave alive. To tell the tale of what has happened.

The second new character is Carina. A woman of Science, who is an orphan. Looking for her past, her parentage. Guided by a book that speaks of leading the way to great treasure, if you follow a map painted in the stars. With people not able to deal with her knowledge, she is being tried for witchcraft. Before she escapes and gets messed up in the bank robbery, and later Henry's attempts to force Jack to lead him to the treasure. She is a good stand-in for Elizabeth with the banter between her and Jack. As well as the Henry/Carina love story. Returning to touch on, 'Can't you woo said strumpet?'

This is an extremely plot focused production, unlike the other movies in the series. Leaving not as much time as usual for the classic chase scenes, or fight scenes. Which, although it is a good production. Leaves it losing its edge a little. As does the fact that Jack doesn't really use any of his classic lines. Although, the plot around parentage. As well as seeing how Jack became 'The Sparrow'. Do help to balance out the plot. As well as the amazing way special FX's have moved on since the first movie when I was at college, giving the skeletons complete terror in their look. As well as allowing them to just have skeleton hands and so on.

I love the start and the ending, as well as the teaser, after the trailer. Please do stick around for that, it is vital to the next movie in the series. All in all, a good production. Just, not as good as the originals.

8/10 stars