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Passion: Lauren Kate

First Published 2011

Next in the series of the Fallen book series is, Passion. Where Luce runs away from Daniel and her life when she jumps into an announcer to find out the truth about her past, and her future. She is reeling from how badly her ‘true love’ treated her while she was at Shoreline, shocked by how casually the angels decided to allow her trip back home for thanksgiving to let the outcasts attack. Using her family and herself as bait in their war, not caring who was hurt in the process.

Lucinda is unsure if she and Daniel are meant to be, if its love, obsession or duty that keeps them together. She has so many questions that she needs answering, which the angels are not. Walking through the shadow, she decides to take a tour of her past lives to see what happened so she can start to understand her feelings toward Daniel. With him running behind her, trying to stop her before she does any harm to their past. Incase she destroys where they are now. The little loophole that is keeping her alive far longer then she really should be.

After a few painful lives of watching herself die violently when she is kissed, she stumbles across a guide by the name of Bill who helps teach her to focus while traveling to meet key points of her lives and his. Thinking at first its all about her pain of trying to understand, until she starts to see the reactions Daniel has after she has gone. How broken he becomes, realizing that he has to carry the weight of every memory, every loss. At least she has the ‘gift’ of forgetting, starting anew each life. Bill explains to her that she traps Daniel in their circle of grief and she should free him by using a starshot to remove her immortal side leaving him free of the pain of losing her. Does Bill have his own agenda or is he really trying to help her?

This I admit is my least favourite of the whole book series, although I enjoy Luce’s trips into her past. I find that there are a lot of lives that just don’t need to be there, seeming all too alike as she spends countless lives trying to understand the simplest of things. Yes, Daniel really does love her. I always thought this was the book which needed some extra editing to remove pointless lives, replacing them with ones which really furthered the plotline deeper then it ends up. The last life of the book everything seems to be shoved in at once, moving it far too fast after the slow build up. As well as the reveal over Bill’s identity and action seems far too easy to work out.

For those of you who do feel a little let down by this book, don’t worry the finale book is stunning! To be reviewed very soon!

7/10 stars

Sarah Beth James