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Passengers: new release

Passenger’s released in the UK yesterday, to sell out showings across the country. We see Chris Pratt, a young engineer. Travelling across the universe to Earth’s new home. 5000 passengers, 200 plus crew during a 120 year journey where they stay in hibernation until the last few months. The crew awake with 5 months to go, the passengers to 4 months to enjoy the star liner as well as its deluxe swimming pool, bars, restaurants and shops. Stasis is perfectly safe, no pod has ever malfunctioned in the history of the company.

Until now.

During a meteor storm, the ship takes damage which we think is repaired. Other than Jim Preston’s pod, which wakes him straight away. After a few hours rest in his cabin, he starts his day in training. No one is there, he searches the ship, to find he is the only one awake. Other than a robot called Arthur who works as a bar tender and a few Red Dwarf esk cleaning drones. Just to make his day complete, he has 90 years before anyone else awakens.

At first Jim tries everything he can to break into command, get to controls, or get back to sleep. After a long time he realises that is not going to happen. At Arthur's advise, he starts to enjoy life. Breaks into a lux cabin, steals clothes, plays the dance games, anything to stave off the boredom and loneliness. In time, even that stops working, Jim starts drinking all the time, stopping wearing clothes, self destruction. Until be becomes captivated by sleeping writer Aurora Lane. Listening to her voice tapes, learning about her. Learning how to wake her up.

He tries to hold on, to not damn another person to this fate. In the end, after nearly killing himself he can’t hold on anymore. He wakes her, pretending he knows nothing to why she is awake. Starts to befriend, and fall in love with her. Which would be fine, if Arthur doesn’t accidentally confess what Jim did.

As more systems break down every day, their only hope is the fact another person has awoken. Someone with crew access. They can finally get beyond the walls to try to fix the problems. Which is easier said than done.

This is a haunting movie. You see deep inside of Chris Pratt’s mind, as he plays the depressed alone Jim, trying to survive for over a year without another human being. You see how deeply he falls for Aurora, how he would do anything to make her happy. As long as she is awake with him. Aurora’s journey of trying to escape this fate, slowly falling in love, before hatred kicks in. With a main cast of only three actors this film could have fallen very flat, yet the abilities of the actors make it gripping. Holding your attention every single moment.