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Hello everyone Lecura here yet again.

I’ve decided to write a review about another one of my favourite TV series: Outlander.

This TV series is adapted from the book series written by Diana Gabaldon, but I haven’t yet read the books yet, so the TV show is the next best thing. I’ll start with season 1, which will give you a little insight to what the series is all about.

The TV series is set in Scotland up in the highlands back in 1945 during the war time.

Actors: Claire Randall played by Caitriona Balfe (Super 8), Frank/Jack Randall, played by Tobias Menzie (Rome, Game of Thrones), Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan (Doctors, River City) and Dougal MacKenzie, played by Graham McTavish (Red Dwarf, Taggart).

The TV series begins in 1945. Claire, a young English woman whom was married as a war time nurse to Frank, goes to Scotland for their honeymoon, where Frank will learn about his family’s history, where they came from and who they were.

Claire goes for a drive by herself and is drawn to these circled rocks; not knowing why she goes up and investigates. As she investigates she starts to hear something and before you know it she is pulled into another world or another year if you would like.

The year is 1743, she was back in time and didn’t know what to expect.
She soon discovers herself between the Scots and the English fighting and running to catch one another. Claire runs when she is notices she is being shot at by her very own people, the English. She falls down a slope near a stream until she comes to a complete stop. She looks up and thinks she sees her husband, Frank. But unfortunately, it is her husband’s great-great grandfather Jack Randall, who looks exactly like Frank. She tries to escape with the help of a Scotsman and from there is where the story really begins.

The story brings in the MacKenzie clan and of course, the Frasers. She meets Jamie, a young Scotsman who’s never been married, let alone done anything else with a woman, but I won’t go into detail. Jamie is a guy any girl would love to fall in love with. He looks after Claire, and stands by her side through thick and thin. He would do anything for Claire, the one thing he didn’t know is he falls in love with Claire. Jamie is Claire’s only option from the English not to take her away, resulting in her becoming a Scottish woman and marrying into the Fraser clan.

The TV series brings you through history and the battles that occurred in Scotland, between the English and the Scots. The biggest battle everyone would have heard of was the battle of Culloden Moor which through the series and even in some of season 2 they lead you up to the big battle. Till this day Scotland has never been conquered. You visit Culloden the place is so eerie because of all the restful souls that died in 1746. The only birds that even goes near it are crows or ravens, it was a very sad time and a brutal battle. I’ve visited the place a couple of times but I’ve never actually went out to see the clans on the field, I’ve just been to the monument.

There is also a cottage there that shows you how they lived etc. If you ever visit Scotland, please take the time to explore Scotland’s wonderful history and country side. We offer so much and we are friendly if you respect our history and grounds.

This is what I love about Outlander though even though some most of the names are non-fictional character names except for the names that stand out like Bonnie Prince Charlie etc the author has kept to the real history of Scotland. It shows the world just how much Scotland went through with the English even till this day it’s never been the same but we stand together.
United we stand, dived we fall.

Outlander is a great series, so please check it out and just to let you know before anyone watches it, you may need subtitles as there is the Scottish Highland language spoken.

Gaelic is mostly and still is spoken in some parts used to this day up in the highlands. The lowlands as I’m from we do not speak the language.
So please take the time and check out Outlander on Netflix or any other paid services you have in your country.

You won’t regret watching it, trust me.

It’s better than Game of Thrones in my opinion.

Let the history come alive in front of your eyes.