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Outlander : Season 2

Lecura here,

The cast is back for the 2nd season of Outlander.

In season 1 you see Jamie go through a horrible ordeal with Captain Jack Randal. Randal captured Jamie even though he saved Jamie from getting hung; he took him under his care. This is where Randal took control and tortured him with putting a nail through his hand while Claire watched. Claire was then sent out and she tried again to free Jamie with a different tactic.

She finally saves her Jamie but she didn’t know what Randal had done to him. It was something that breaks a man, that going through so much pain that a man who only has eyes for women can maybe never recover from. Randal had raped Jamie, young Jamie was tortured with rape, and the pain where the nail went through his hand. In those days probably some of this torture by officers or Captains was common among them but no one would speak of it.

Towards the end of season 1, you see Jamie and Claire leaving Scotland and set sail to France.

Now to season 2:

Claire finds herself back in 1948 back in Scotland, it has been 2 years since she has been gone. She ends up in the hospital where her former husband Frank finds her, scared to see him as he reminds her of his ancestor Captain Johnathan Randal aka Jack Randal. Frank hadn't known where she had been for the last 2 years will he believe her when she explains to him what had happened to her?

Claire is released from the hospital and they go back to the place they lived while they were on holiday in Scotland 2 years ago.

Claire tells frank everything that has happened, does he believe her? He starts to get his head around everything and she tells him that she is pregnant. The only problem is, it’s not Franks, it's Jamie’s baby. Will Frank be able to raise it as his own, or leave Claire to bring the Child up on her own?

Claire goes back in forth from 1744 to 1948 telling the audience of what happened to lead up to her getting back to 1948. She goes through the ordeals of trying to change history by getting Bonnie Prince Charlie to go along with what Jamie had planned to fight against the British army. Will they be able to stop the Jacobite uprising or will it still go ahead? Will the battle at Culloden Moore go ahead and lose so many Scots or will they find a way to save and stop any of this happening?

The only problem is once you change a part of history, you change the timeline. Who knows what could happen in its place.

Going through all this they come across Jack Randal’s brother in France, where they find out what happened to Jack. Did he die when Claire saved Jamie or did he survive that day? If he did survive what will become of Jamie and Claire or if he die what would become of Frank, he would not be born or would he?

And will Claire ever go back to see if Jamie lived or died?

Watch the show and find out.

The places they visited in Scotland and in France are such beautiful and historical places. When I was back home in Scotland last year I visited Lallybroch which is called Midhope castle which sits just on the outskirts of Edinburgh on private land. The castle itself is still intact but the inside of the castle is collapsed. They did a good job of it when they made the set for it.

Taken by Lecura ©

Also visited Castel Leoch which is Doune castle in Perthshire.
Taken by Lecura ©

These castles even though I go back so many times I’ve never been to if it wasn’t for outlander probably wouldn’t have gone to see them.

The costumes that were done especially the filming in France were gorgeous. The amount of work that would into went to the gorgeous dresses and showed you how the people with money dressed back in 1700’s and of course what the women did to their bodies for the men. France was ahead of its time and ahead of other countries back then when it came to certain things.

This show is one of my favourites because of the history that is bringing to the audience and the amount of places in Scotland they are using. It’s one of the biggest shows and most expensive shows to be filmed in Scotland.

Its shows you this show has captured a lot of fans from all around the world from the books to the tv series. Season 3 will be airing in September 2017.

Can’t wait to see what season 3 will bring.

This season I give 9/10

Watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix
Proud to be a true Scot.