Lecura here,

If you’re in for a scary movie this Halloween well maybe this movie is for you.

So before I go any further lets introduce some of these young actors and what other things they have done before this movie:

Olivia Cooke who plays Laine Morris ( Bates Motel ), Ana Coto who plays Sarah Morris, Daren Kagasoff who plays Trevor ( The secret life of the American Teenager ), Bianca A. Santos who plays Isabelle ( The DUFF ), Douglas Smith who plays Pete ( Out There, Joan of Arcadia ) and Shelley Hennig who plays Debbie Galardi ( Days of our Lives, The secret circle, Teen Wolf ).

If you’re in for a scare, then read on if your dare.

Debbie and Laine when they were younger used to muck around and play with a Ouija board like it was some kind of game, when they thought nothing really happened.

Now they are older Debbie finds a Ouija board that belonged to the previous owners of the house from way back and started to play around with it, only this time it’s not a game, things started to happen. She started to see things through the eye piece that is used on the board to point to the letters and to yes or no etc. She saw a young girl through the eye piece, but little did she know this young girl wasn’t as innocent as she thought.
Debbie dragged the hanging lights that were in her room to the hall way and wrapped it around her neck, next thing she is found hanging from the lights.

Laine and her friends are devastated when they find out Debbie killed herself or did she? Debbie's friends find ways to communicate with Debbie after they found a video of her with the Ouija board she had found. It showed them what she had been up to especially before she died. Was this the reason she killed herself or was it a spirit that helped her? Now the friends try to communicate with Debbie only thing is what will happen when they start to do the same thing Debbie did, communicate through the Ouija board? Will they be talking to Debbie, or will it be someone else or worse something else? Will they get out alive or die trying?

One by one each will find out their fate, it’s up to you to watch and find out. Will you be able to sit to the end without covering your eyes?
So come on you know want to.

Never mess with something you don’t understand anything about because you could be meddling with something or someone and then you’ve let that someone or something in. So be careful what you do with these kind of things. Word of advice NEVER TOUCH A OUJA BOARD unless you want DIABLO through, because you never know he could be the one to haunt you in your sleep or something worse. Evil spirits aren’t what you want roaming around your home.

The supernatural is a dangerous thing to mess with. Ghosts cannot harm you, well not much anyways but you never know what else they capable of doing if you come to find the wrong kind.

This movie was a good Halloween movie as it was brought out in 2014 for Halloween in the USA. I don’t get scared that much anymore with these movies but it does make you jump if you don’t expect it. I would recommend watching it especially with the lights off at night maybe even some popcorn, but be careful don’t be holding the popcorn when something is about to happen you could lose it all and have to clean it up. Remember being scared is all in your mine or is it?

I rate this movie 7/10

Enjoy the movie.