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Orphan Black

Warning! Spoiler Territory Ahead!

With the fifth and (how dare you) final season coming up next year, let this be a tasting platter of the now cult show that has introduced the world to clone club, clone killing and clone master Tatiana Maslany. This show has taken its loyal fans on a journey unrivalled by many mainstream network shows on air and all the while kept us laughing at the truly most inappropriate times.

It’s not too late for the uninitiated who are willing to take a chance on a show that takes your somewhat esoteric expectations of a show named Orphan Black and gives them a Helena-like butcher job. Here is your crash course to Orphan Black.

Who is Tatiana Maslany?

If you have never head of this incredible talent then find a dimly lit corner and stand there with your head hung in shame! This woman is (no exaggeration) the next generation’s Meryl Streep. Orphan Black is a show about the shady sci-fi world of human cloning and genetic engineering juxtapositioned with the very real, human struggles of everyday life and Tatiana plays all the multiple clones with resolute faultlessness. Her ability to transition from character to character without any question of who she is playing is a marvel to witness.

You’ll then be in for a Christmas morning, jackpot hitting, free car park on boxing day - like bliss when you see her playing one clone, imitating another clone. It should not be humanly possible for one woman to be this good, it doesn’t make sense. Yet viewers of Orphan Black get the privilege of seeing this future Oscar winner at work each week.

Who are the clones?

There are over a dozen clones, some alive, some resting in pieces.

But our core clones consist of:

Sarah Manning

Street hustler turned protector of her ‘sisters’. She steps up to become a mother to daughter Kira again, sibling to Felix and loyal sister to her fellow clones. Her tough up bringing has made her hardened, but she begins to let her love for her family old and new soften the hard exterior she worked so, well hard, to build.

Alison Hendrix

Prim and perfect, Alison is a suburban housewife who reluctantly immerses herself into the world of the clones. Along the way she realises when she is at her lowest point, it is clone club that are there to pick up the pieces and she becomes more invested in their fight.

Cosima Niehaus

Down to earth, with a big, caring heart and a brain brighter than sunstrike, Cosima is a scientist who provides the scientific backing and help for the group.


Unhinged and unashamed, Helena is an assassin who likes to kill and eat (in no particular order).

Rachel Duncan

The ‘evil’ clone, she couldn’t care less about her fellow clones and will do anything to get the power she hungers for. The 'sisters’ constant foe, she fights them at every opportune time.

In Clone Conclusion

This show isn’t afraid to take risks. Admittedly sometimes they don’t work out, but when they do they are worth the fails. Season one sets the tone, season two goes full throttle but season three gets a little messy. With so many characters, evil companies, differing factions and within those factions, differing motivations which often change each episode, it becomes a bit difficult to keep up with who’s who. Season four however sees the show find its feet again. Orphan Black knows it has a dedicated fan base and they never for a second neglect them for some self absorbed indulgent storyline that only serves the ego of those running the show. Everyone can find something to love about this show because the show loves everybody; a diverse cast of characters that keep you engaged and eager for more. Orphan Black is the show you never knew was made just for you. Watch it, watch it now!

4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars

Olivia. P