Lecura here,

When I found out that Billie Joe Armstrong had a lead role in a movie I went straight onto youtube to look at the trailer, the movie is called Ordinary World.

The movie came out in 2016 directed and written by Lee Kirk.

Billie Joe Armstrong: Perry Miller: Band Green Day, Movie: Like Sunday, Like Rain
Fred Armisen: Gary: Europe trip, Band Aid
Judy Greer: Christy: 13 going on 30, Ant-Man
Selmar Blair: Karen Miller: Hell Boy, Legally Blonde

The movie is about a father named Perry Miller that started out as a guy in a band until he met a girl, got married and had kids. Now he’s family man who forgets things sometimes but also has life crises. He works for his brother at a hardware store that he owns half of but how long will this last?

He arrives at work where no one even knows it’s his birthday or is it? Not even his own wife remembered or does she?. His brother ends up giving him the day off work and $1000 to spend how he would like. So he goes to a fancy hotel, gets a room and decided to throw himself a party. He rings all his friends but no one answered, so he left messages instead.

Two of his mates plus a stripper arrives at the hotel, but instead of Perry having a good time he starts doing the dad thing and worrying about the little things like cans not being on a coaster and worrying about the stripper being someone’s daughter. He took himself to the hotel bedroom and started to talking to himself saying “What’s wrong with you man?” his mate walks in and Perry just blurts out he just wants to get back together with the band.

He gets a call from his wife as he forgot to let her parents in the house. So instead of telling his mates to leave the hotel room he said to his mates “Makes yourself at home and I’ll be back” He leaves his mates and rushes home to let the in-laws in the house.

Perry leaves the in-laws at the house and gets back to the party, but before he even got up to the room he bumps into an old friend he saw before in the lobby but this time she is with Joan Jett. His friend Christy was her manager. Perry blurted out “My mother in law is named Joan” and that was it.

He gets back to the room by this time, there were more people there and the hotel room was looking like it was getting out of hand. Perry couldn’t deal with it anymore he took himself off to the room again and took a nap.

So what will happen with the party, and the room? Will he get busted for the room as he’s not supposed to be having a party? Or will he not get caught?

Will he be able to remember the things that he had on that night? And one other question is it his birthday or not?

Watch and find out.

I loved this movie. It showed a different side to Billie and a fatherly side to him. He was goofy in the movie which gave the actor’s role more character. And I was happy that Billie sang in the movie one of the songs off his band Green Days new album Revolution Radio called Ordinary World.

It’s good to see what other things musicians can do, sometimes doing different things can be a great change and can show the audience that the music maybe the number one thing they loved to do but they can also branch out. Sometimes acting can bring out and show us what they are like in real life as they bring in a character and incorporate some of themselves in the characters they create.

I would give this movie an 8/10