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Once Upon A Time: The Other Shoe


Finally we get to a slower paced episode which starts to make sense of a lot of what has come before! We have Emma finally admitting to Hook that she can't always do magic, when he tells her to use it to stop Ella when she runs off. Ella you would know better as CINDERella, the young pregnant girl who sold her first born child to The Dark One and Emma saved the baby a little while ago.

We explore into the real story behind Ella this episode and where she came from. The evil stepsisters and her step mother. How she fell in love with the Prince, met Snow White and ended up selling her child to escape her tormented life. Exploring into the life of another person from her past, one of her stepsisters. Who isn't as wicked or evil as you might think. Just a girl in love with someone of a station her mother did not approve off. The closest thing to a friend that Ella actually had.... until she betrayed her.

Yes, Ella is really the wicked step sister!

She takes a gun and goes chasing off, the gang thinking it is to kill her sister. When really it’s to go after the stepmother, who used Ella's mother's magic key to escape to the land of unfinished stories. Now she is back, she will go after Ella, her step sister and anyone else she thinks has wronged her.

Mr Hyde and The Evil Queen get closer together, as she breaks him out of jail to assist her. After stopping every attempt Regina has to try and get information out of him by going just that one step further. Regina starts to understand that you are not so useful without both sides of yourself.

As for Emma, surely she must do more then just hint that she can not use her magic as much now?! And stop lying to her family! As well as Hook! This has got to bite everyone in the ass very soon, even worse now Charming is lying to Snow as well.

Very pleased with this episode, it certainly is the best so far.

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Sarah Beth James