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Once Upon a Time Season Six Premier: The Saviour.


We ended the last season with Robin dead, gone forever as well as Hades. Regina trying to cope with his loss, taking in her sister and Robin’s baby. After separating the Evil Queen from herself, and (to her knowledge) destroying her. Hook has come back from the dead for Emma. Who is no longer the dark one, that pleasure has returned to Rumple. Belle is still sleeping, with their unborn child in her belly. Waiting to be woken from the sleeping curse. Hyde and Jekyll are now two separate people. Hyde has traded Rumple the information he needs to wake Belle for the town. He is now the new ‘ruler’ of Storybrook.

Emma and Hook finally get their moment together after all that time apart. Although their reunion is short lived as a sky ship appears overhead bringing the first batch of people from Hyde’s Land of Untold Stories. Crashing in the woods. Hyde tried to take over the town, seemingly unaffected by both Emma’s and Regina’s magic. He tells them that an untold story is the most dangerous. He escapes leaving Jekyll taking the other’s to raid the sky ship looking for people (who have fled), salvaging parts that could make a weapon to control Hyde like the one in his own land.

We have already seen in the teaser before the opening titles young Aladdin, a Saviour who has had a break down. A girl tries to help him, keep him hidden but Jafar finds them. Goads him for being broken by being a Hero. For the shaking in his hands. Now Emma’s hand is shaking the exact same way, another Saviour falling apart at the seams. Which Hyde hints he knows something about. Oh and btw, they already captured him!

Rumple is off to the temple of Morpheus for the dream sand to allow him to walk in Belle’s dream to wake her. When there Morpheus appears and tells him there is a single hour to wake Belle or she will be stuck in the sleeping curse forever, as well as her child. Rumple finds Belle in the castle where he had first imprisoned her, seeing him still as a beast. He is happy to lie to her, to make her love him all over again. Wooing her, changing the castle around them from beast to beauty. However Belle remembers what has happened, refuses to believe his lies. At which point ‘Morpheus’ takes matters into his own hands.

Emma desperate for answers goes to Hyde, bullying him into giving her a snippet of information while her parents hunt for the survivors of the ship wreck. Hiding from Hook what is wrong, even asking him to leave her alone when she notices the red bird that Hyde has told her to follow. Blocking him out just like always, lying to his face. Has this girl learned nothing over the least five seasons about letting people in?! Being led to the Oracle who shows her a piece of the future. Emma is going to die. In battle. Soon. She can change how she gets there, but not the fact that she dies.

This is a very confusing, bitty season premier. Full of far too much information. Bouncing from one idea to the next confusing the viewer. I understand they are settling up whole new sections of the show. However I really wish that they had SLOWED it down a lot. Splitting the information into a double episode at least. That way, we could have been excited and sad for each character in turn. Instead of bouncing between them all.

I can only hope the rest of the season paces things a little less swiftly.

Otherwise a very good, interesting episode.

6/10 stars

Sarah Beth James