once upon a time, season six, the evil queen, count of monte cristo, a bitter draught

Once Upon A Time: Season Six: A Bitter Draught


Episode Two takes us on a trip into the past of the Evil Queen. How in her quest for vengance against Snow White she gained the aid of a certain Count of Monte Cristo. A young man grieving for the loss of his love. Desperate to take vengance against all those who had any part in her death. The Queen gifted him a list of every person connected to the event, IF he killed Snow White for her with a poison she gave him.

The Count agreed, however once he started to fall in love with a new woman (someone in Snow's friends) he started to think better of the agreement. If he poisoned them, he would also this young girl. With The Dark One also needing Snow alive to give birth to Emma and bring about all the fate he required, he decided to poison the girl himself. Convincing the Count his only choice was to enter the Land of Untold Stories where the poison could no longer spread. Staying there for the rest of their lifes, because returning would mean that she would die instantly.

With that world now joining with ours, the girl is found dead by Regina and Snow White. Leaving the Queen having to take the Count's heart to force him to continue with her scheme to murder Snow White. Regina tries to convince him that she has changed and does not want this anymore. He refuses, insisting the Queen is forcing him to. Cue the discovery of the Evil Queen surviving. Who is now hell bent on turning Regina back to how she was. Finding a way to start just one spark of darkness in her soul again. As we all know, darkess spreads like a cancer.

Subplot: Emma is taking sessions with the Cricket about her dreams/fate. She has admitted to him everything that is going on, still denying to her friends, family and Hook. These lies can only bring her harm in the long term. I honestly would love Hook to just walk away from her for good over this, not just keep threatening it.

Again a disjointed rushed episode as we flash around between all these stories and more. Sneaking hints that even our main cast have stories they do not want to be told. So far this just isn't the season for me. It just seems to be rehashing the same old issues and problems without gaining any new ground.

3/10 stars