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No Cheeses For Us Mices: A Muppets Christmas Carol

When Henson released this movie back in 1992, I wonder if they realised that over 20 years later it would still be rescreened at cinemas as part of children's club every Christmas? Bringing joy to people of all ages even now, and I will say I often go to see it and there are a LOT of big kids in the audience. In America's box offices it took barely $28 million during its original release. Billed as being the first Muppet movie with only one human actor, which is actually untrue and caused a lot of complaints when released. As Michael Caine as Scrooge is the only LEAD actor who is human, but there are other human actors in the show.

It of course reworks the classic Charles Dicken's tale: A Christmas Carol. Where Scrooge is visited by four spirits to try to save his soul before eternal damnation. To convince him to think of others, be charitable and help his fellow-men. Yes four ghosts before anyone starts up with but only three ghosts. Xmas Past, Present and Future! Yup, but don't forget his old business partner Jacob (or five in this case also Robert) Marley is also dead. With the Muppets onboard, you know there will be rubber chickens, dancing penguins and the great gonzo as Mr Dicken's narrating the production.

With Kermit as Bob Cratchett, Robin as Tiny Tim, Miss Piggy as his wife, the rats as Scrooge’s workers we launch into the storyline. The penguins winter skating party is always a crowd pleaser. With a series of entertaining, catchy musical numbers you are bound to find yourself singing along to. Cute little Bean the bunny singing christmas carols. Michael Caine is a wonderful talented actor in any film, but here he shines so beautifully. As a bitter twisted old man, scarred by life to be cruel and heartless. Moving through his life during the ghosts, you see why he became as he did. Punctuated by deep rich emotion from Michael, making him one of the best Scrooge’s I have ever seen. Exploring the experience of such a seasoned actor to the best of his abilities. For all this is a children's film, meant to just be fun. It might not be one of the truest to the book versions of the movie, but it is certainly one of the most enjoyable.

Who can't love poor little Bean the carol singer!

Or the adoreable mice, who just want some cheese!

10/10. This is one of the best films of the holiday season. Enjoy it, with your family. :)