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Music and Lyrics

We see a washed up 80's star (Alex Fletcher, half of the band Pop) doing the circuit with all his old numbers. His partner went on to make million after ripping off all of their co-written songs. Alex tried to make his own album, but his heart wasn't in it. The sales tanked, only a few thousand sales. Leaving Alex depressed, downhearted and on the circuit reliving his 'glory days'. His career stuck in state fairs and even they are starting to refuse him. He has a small following of middle-aged women who have followed him since the start. Things are looking deeply grim for Alex Fletcher's future.

Then he gets offered a chance to work with current pop diva Cora, who loved his songs when she was younger. She is a blonde, Britney Spears type with little intelligence and a fetish for dancing erotically virtually naked on stage. Pretty typical modern female pop act really. She gives him meer days to write a song called Way Back Into Love as a duet for them, bidding against other current acts to see who can come up with the best song. His confidence shattered, thinking there is no way he can get this done his manager tries to find a lyricist to complete the piece. Leading a series a lyricists into the movie, who clearly have no chance of working out.

Enter Sally Michaels, a young hypochondriac who is replacing his usual plant watering lady. Half murdering his plants as she does so. She is terrified of life, of being hurt since she took a writing class at college. Ending up in a relationship with her tutor quite foolishly. He goes on to write a best-selling novel based on her and her life. Twisting it to say she seduced him, just wanting to use his connections to get published. The most she writes now is jingles for her sister weight loss business, which she co runs after giving up on her writing. Alex hears her making up next lines to the lyrics they are working on and asks her to work on the project with him. Scared of failing she refuses, leaving him chasing her until she agrees to at least try.

Yes this is a stereotypical chick flick, so we know both parties will row, break up, finally get back together after learning a 'vital life lesson' and both of them will face their fears and their bullies by the end of the film. However the humanity of the writing and how the characters portray themselves makes the movie come into its own. It is the perfect movie for anyone who is doubting themselves. Anyone who feels like giving up on their dreams. The flaws in the characters are explored in ways that make you really connect with their pain. Anyone who has ever been bullied, or told no, or they weren't good enough will understand every single heart breaking moment in this production.

Rating 8.5/10

Sarah Beth James