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Misty Falls: Joss Stirling Season (book 4)

The fourth book in Joss Stirling’s Finding Sky series. Exploring Misty, the truth teller’s story.

Misty is asked to come with Uriel as he hunts for his soul finder. They want to use her as a truth beacon during the meeting with a possible match. Misty is eager enough to go. She is having a hard time at school, having already been forced to move school’s three times as her truth power keeps coming out in the worst possible ways. She already wants to leave again as she accidentally told a boy in her class he has the most amazing ass.

She hates her power, hates that she can never lie. Hates the fact that if someone around her lies it makes her hurt. She feels so useless most of the time. Her non savant father wants her to not have powers, to give them up. Her mother chose him over looking for her soul finding when she fell in love. Now with Misty coming of age, and her brothers and sisters behind her. She starts to wonder if loving a human was a good idea at all. As her father can’t grasp the importance of her powers or the whole soul finder idea.

At only 17 years old Misty is far too young to ask Crystal for help looking for her soul finder. Crystal refuses to help anyone under the age of 18, knowing they are not mature enough to deal with the whole situation if it goes badly. Which would be fine, if Misty didn’t find her soul finder all by herself.

Cue Alex, a border at a school Uriel’s soul finder works in. Oh, no the girl they thought was his soul finder wasn’t. She is gay, however she does have a twin sister who fits perfectly into Uriel’s life. Misty tags along to meet the soul finder, hanging out with boy’s her own age. This is never going to work, even if she hadn’t managed to break Alex’s wining streak at table tennis in front of all of his friends. She over hears Alex saying cruel things about her, before she leaves.

As the way of the world is, she has to meet Alex several more times before she goes home. Off to savant summer camp, where she discovers there is a murderer stalking young savants who do not know how to control their powers. Before returning to school, and oh look Alex’s debate team is also at her school. She thinks that either she or Summer (her best friend) could be Alex’s soul finder. Summer tests negative. Alex doesn’t want to test with Misty, she feels his reluctance so she runs away. Alex chases her, admitting it is because of his past he didn’t want to, not because of Misty. He was abandoned at the age of 3 by his parents, he doesn’t believe that good things could happen to him anymore. Until they do test and discover they are meant to be.

That causes even more problems for Misty, as she doesn’t feel worthy of him. Her father doesn’t want them anywhere near each other. Oh, and she isn’t allowed to watch Alex on his debates, just incase she makes him tell the truth and lose. Great way to make her feel even more useless. Then Alex discovers he has an Uncle and manages to push Misty even further out of his life. She is ready to leave him, and give up on her soul finder. Until kidnapping, the serial killer, and death come on the cards. Leaving a race to save her life led by Alex himself.

Again dark themes, important to young adults. A riveting book from start to finish. Perhaps not my favourite of the series, as I feel it should have been spread into two books not one. I felt it was a little rushed in places, not giving Misty the coverage she deserved.


Sarah Beth James