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Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

All summer we have been waiting for this to launch, with nothing but a few small teaser trailers to keep us going. A modern age fantasy twist on Charles Xavier and the Xmen, with a little time travel and monsters thrown in for good measure. With a pinch of The Vampire’s Assistant. With the normal dark humour and spectacular effects you would expect from a Tim Burton production.

Certainly this production doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. We start with Jake, a normal high school kid. He works at the local shop, seems to be invisible to his peers, parent issues, taking care of his grandfather. Normal stuff. Until he gets a call at work that his grandfather needs him. His boss gives him a lift to the house, after a frantic phone call leaving Jake concerned that his grandfather has missed his meds. When they get there, the house is in ruins. The screen door torn, following a tear in the fence Jake finds his grandfather with no eyes dying. He tells Jake to find the bird, to go to Miss Peregrine she will explain all. Apologises for not telling him the truth. Jake turns around to see his boss coming, as well as a huge monster behind her.

The attack freaks Jake out, and leaves his parents putting him in therapy. Talking about the monsters. We find out that his grandfather told him stories of a special school for people with abilities he went to. Showed him pictures of the students there. Some could float, others strong, another with flame, invisible and so on. Jake believes him, and the monsters. Tells his school, shows them the pictures and gets laughed at. After that Jake learned to not believe. Yet now he is starting to wonder again, with the help of his doctor he looks for closure.

After his grandfather’s birthday gift to him is found, leaving a clue on where to find Miss Peregrine in Wales. He gets his doctor to convince his parents to let him go there and find out about it all. The doctor agrees saying that it will do good for him to see the difference between reality and fiction. So his father (a worthless washed up writer who cares little of his child) takes him. Paying kids on the island to take Jake around so he can bird watch. Really winning father of the year here!!!

Jake finds his way to the school which was bombed in the war. Nothing is left. Disappointed he leaves, but returns the next day to explore it. As he does, he sees children. Figures in the ruins, scared he runs off, falls, hits his head. When he comes to, the children are taking him back to the school. The look exactly as they did in his grandfather’s picture not aged a single day. Scared he runs off, but he doesn’t realise that he isn’t where he should be. This is now 1943 he inhabits. The children re locate him and drag him back to the school to meet Miss Peregrine.

Her peculiar isn’t just to turn into a bird, she also controls time. She looped that last day before the bomb hit for all eternity, renewing it every day to keep her children hidden from sight in a loop. One of many, each protected by her kind. The children and Miss try to hide things from Jake, but in the end he has to find out. There really are monsters, and they are coming for the children. Every child, in every loop. They won’t stop until they are all dead. For all that Jake likes to think himself a normal, he is just as peculiar as the rest of them. Only he can see the monsters.

This is a very challenging film, interesting, keeps older and younger viewers interested in its twists and turns. (Rated a 12A) Created from a book series, which I will certainly be looking into finding. This is a very hard movie to review without giving out way too many spoilers. All I will say, is go watch it as soon as you can. This will very soon become as classic and cult as Harry Potter. It certainly as the potential to go as far, or even further as that book series.

8/10 stars