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Hey Lecura here

So I’ve been re watching a British TV series called Misfits to refresh my memory.

Starring in this British TV series:

Iwan Rheon who plays Simon Bellamy (Game of Thrones, Vicious),Lauren Socha who plays Kelly Bailey, Antonia Thomas who plays Alisha Daniels, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett who plays Curtis Donovan, and Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan Young (Mortal Instrument, Moonwalkers)

The first episode introduces you to the characters by them all showing up in orange jumpsuits doing community service together for minor crimes they had committed. Getting into the series each character goes through what crimes they committed and how they ended up doing community service. A storm hits the town and these 5 juvi kids, well older teenagers and their probation officer get hit by lighting this is where it all begins.

Things started to get weird, their probation officer started to get angry and his eyes started to change to cloudy white. Kelly was the first to witness the probation officer after he came after her with a metal bar trying to kill her.

She got away but barely, she got back to the community centre to tell the others but no one would believe her. See Kelly’s power was she could read minds and she could hear what everyone was saying. So the only way they would believe her was when Curtis had a vision of Kelly getting killed by the probation officer after he opened the door.

He came back into the room from his vision and told the rest of them, but Nathan being the cocky one of the group wouldn’t listen and opened the door anyways. Right there running past was……..you guess it, the probation officer. He noticed Nathan open the door and then came after the lot of them, by trying to knock the door down with his rage.

Each of them started to get some kind of supernatural power including their probation officer as you already know, The probation officers was the worst. Little did they know that some of the town had got hit as well with the lightening.

Now you know what Curtis, Kelly and the probation workers power were, that leaves 3 more of them.

Alisha’s power was anyone who touched her they would feel sexual feeling towards her, probably not a good power to have.

Simon’s power was he could turn in visible but sometimes not on command.

As for Nathan’s he hadn’t yet figured out what his power was so I’ll leave you guessing with that one. You’ll need to watch the show to find out and trust me you wouldn’t have guessed what his power was.

The show keeps you guessing and keeps you tuned in to see what would happen next.

My favourite character if you didn’t already guess was Nathan Young, not just because the cockiness but because he’s funny, makes the show that much more interesting, and of course he has a bad ass look about him, who doesn’t like that?

The first season aired on E4 in the UK in 2009 and the show brought in new characters through from season 3 till when it finished up in 2013.

This show has bad language, sex, drug use, and violence so if you are not put off by all of that you will love the show.

Check out the show on any paid services as in Netflix. You won’t be disappointed.

You may even like the song for the opening credits.

Check it out

The Rapture - Echoes

Peace out Misfits