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Minecraft update 1.48: Glide your way through the Beast Track Pack races

As many of you Minecraftians know, we were recently teased with the new Glide mode in the mini-games section of Minecraft. We were offered one stage to fly around and get a taste of the Glide race stages that were to come.


It hasn't been too long a wait and the Beast Track Pack has been released. In this release, we are treated to three race packs, namely the Kraken, Yeti and Dragon race maps. In the Kraken map, you soar between battling ships with huge Kraken tentacles looming around you while beasts leer at you from different parts of the map. The Yeti map has large Yetis and fossils for you to pace your flying talents through. Finally, the Dragon pack brings with it some ancient Chinese architecture and mythology, with...yes, you guessed it, some dragons thrown in for some epic, soaring fun.


Although the new Beast Track Packs are the main attraction, these are the complete updates that have been included:

• Added Glide Beasts Track Pack (Dragon, Kraken and Yeti Glide tracks)

• Added new Glide music tracks for the new Glide Tracks

• Change to Glide to require passing through all Checkpoints before reaching the end of the track

• Glide Solo Mode can now be played for longer before being automatically returned to the Lobby

• Minecraft Patch 1.48 fix for spectator not hearing Glide ring or thermal sounds for the player they are spectating

• Minecraft Patch 1.48 for PlayStation 4 fix for Glide round timer continuing to tick while the Pause Menu is displayed in Solo Mode

• Decreased the respawn delay in Glide

• Added colored particles when you cross the finish line in Glide

• Showdown in Glide now says “Hurry Up”

• Fix for Interface Opacity setting not affecting the HUD in Glide

• Minecraft Patch 1.47/1.48 fix for some Boat item textures in the Mass Effect Mash-up pack not matching the entity textures

• Fix for an issue that caused the damage sound to be repeatedly played at the end of a Glide round

• Minecraft update 1.48 for PS4 fixed an issue that caused the body of player models to be set back from the other limbs

• Fix various Crashes

So start up that console or hand-held device and join me as I soar through these new stages and set new lap times.

Shaun M Jooste
Author of the Celenic Earth Chronicles and Silent Hill: Betrayal
PSN Handle: Shadowolfdg