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MINECRAFT Creator NOTCH Wants to Celebrate Heterosexual Pride Day

So Notch, the creator of the worldwide trending Minecraft game, let the Twitter world know on his feed yesterday that he wants to celebrate Heterosexual Pride Day.

Maybe it seemed innocent enough, to him, but the readers went into an uproar. Some even claimed to be deleting Minecraft from their lives forever. Notch might have received the message, as he deleted the offensive tweet, but thanks to Destructoid who caught it early, we still have the screenshot above.

Even with the absence of that tweet, its effect is still rippling through his Twittersphere. Destructoid's post isn't void of comments and rants either. It seems to have awoken some people for and against his vote for a Heterosexual Pride Day, with the tangent swerving off to the racial minority and majority.

Here are some of the Twitter comments I thought I'd share:

Tweeter: Dude, Straight Pride is literally the other 364 days of the year. Notch: So is gay pride.

Notch reply to a deleted Tweet: Did you just assume my sexuality, you obvious arsonist?

Tweeter: Name one time a heterosexual was oppressed for being heterosexual. Notch: People get bullied for whatever quality bothers them the most.

And there's much, much more. It makes me wonder if people intentionally post items like this just to get their products more attention, or do they actually feel that way? Would Notch pull a South Park movie, where we can expect to see some pro-Heterosexual skins or mashup packs to enter the Minecraft universe? Or was this really an innocent comment?

You decide.

Either way, the effects of this little twitter mini rant will be long reaching. As consumers decide for or against the product long term. Apology issued or not, the Community has a long memory and will not forgive easily.

On another note in similar themes, PlayStation and eBay have both shown their support for London Pride 2017. I'd caution against any Minecraft products or dressings for the show.

Source: Destructoid; Twitter; GameTyrant

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