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Me before You

Me Before You is a tragic love story between two very different types of people:

Will Traynor, a rich powerful guy from a background of old money. Extreme sports, high level of health, big in business. He gets out of bed one rainy morning, kisses his girlfriend goodbye to go to work. She warns him not to take his bike in the bad weather, doesn’t want him to have an accident. He agrees, hails a cab, as he crosses the road a bike skids out of control hitting him.

Louisa (Lou) Clark, a young girl who works in a café with a quirky sense of fashion. A warm hearted, friendly, compassionate person. She had planned to go to study fashion at Manchester University. When her sister fell pregnant she stayed behind to help her parents out with the bills on the home as her father can not find a job anywhere. She gets fired from her job as the place is closing down. Her father worries how they will afford to keep the house if she can not find another job, in an area with high unemployment. She dates a guy obsessed with fitness, self absorbed, always training for marathons or other such events. She knows nothing else then her small town, so just goes along with it all. Just trying to make the best of things.

After a few failed jobs, Lou is offered a chance at a care job which needs no experience. They have readvertised several times, pretty desperate to fill the role. She borrows her mother’s suit for the interview. A frilly thing, clearly decades out of fashion, a little too tight to fit her comfortably. She has the interview from hell. She can’t answer any of the questions put to her, she has no experience of care. Her skirt rips when she sits down. Not once, but twice! She gets overly chatty about silly inappropriate things. Everything she tries to do to recover from it just falls flat.

However somehow she manages to secure the position. On introduction to her new patient, a young man in a wheelchair, He fakes a full on crazy attack to try and scare her off. Leaving his mother and other carer shouting at him to behave himself. Lou is given a huge folder to learn on how to care for him, as well as dozens of meds to get used to dispensing.

Will treats her terribly, trying his best to make her leave like everyone else has in his life since the accident. When his ex girlfriend and best friend arrive to tell him they are getting married his mood darkens further. Leaving him and Lou in a fight where she tells him that she hates how he treats her, she only stays because she needs the money. After this and Clark helping him through an illness he becomes more kindly towards her. She overhears a conversation between his parents about the fact he wants to go to a clinic to end his own life. Free himself from the hellish existence he is in. Given the fact he can only move his head, and two fingers.

From this she creates a bucket list to try and change his mind so he will live to be with her. Which he only agrees to because he wants her to broaden her own horizons. So that after he is gone, she will do all the things he can no longer.

“You only have one life Clark. Its your obligation to live it to the fullest.”

Me Before you is a stunning piece, showing how two very different people can have a permanent effect on each others lives. Teaching each other what it truly means to be alive. I’ve read many negative reviews over stereotyping a disabled person. However I find this a very human story. I’ve been that girl in a low unemployment area desperate for work. Begging interview clothing from friends to try and change my world that just doesn’t fit. I’ve taken care of my disabled father over the years. Seen in my parents how resentments do grow over the years. My father gave up work at the age of 27 when he discovered he had a rare aggressive form of MS. A form that would leave him fine for weeks at a time, then stuck in bed barely able to move/walk or do anything for days. Having to be helped to do any simple task. Watching the fights as their love became bitter over the years. Leaving me fully able to see both sides of this storyline. I think it is a breathtaking romance, with Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin playing amazing roles. You can feel the love between the couple the whole movie. I would certainly see it again soon.