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Low Red Moon: Ivy Devlin

This is a young adult book, about wolves and fantasy creatures. About a young girl (just 17) called Avery, whose parents have just been killed in a random attack. One that left Avery covered in blood wandering in the woods with no memory of what happened. She is the key to discovering what happened to them, if she can only remember what she saw that night! Other then a flash of silver, and the blood soaking into her clothes she has no idea. Apart from a feeling her mother sent her out of the house just before it all happened.

Avery searches the woods near her home, a self build by her father. One he had spent a life time adding to with what ever scraps he could find. He was proud of doing everything by hand, salvaging materials. Her mother was equally happy with the situation. However her grandmother constantly interferes trying to say it is in Avery’s best interests to live outside of the woods. Needless to say being forced to live with her grandmother after the death of her parents is never going to be an easy task.

At school she struggles more then usual. Avery has gone from being an outcast, to the girl whose parents were murdered. So everyone is talking behind her back. If only school was over! Only the new boy (Ben) seems to want to have anything to do with her, and that is more the case of she keeps accidentally meeting him in the woods when she tries to make sense of her life. He is beautiful in ways she has never seen before, she finds herself being drawn towards him and him to her. Several times he tries to make her leave the woods, saying it isn’t safe.

But what are those silver flashes she sees in his eyes now and then? Even when she discovers he is a werewolf, she can’t bring herself to be parted from him. Trusting somehow that he isn’t there to hurt her, more to guide her. Seems his parents were also murdered, and now he is living with his only relative. What is with her hair keep turning blood red?

This starts out as just another teenage book, with little to interest me. So much so I nearly put it down within the first ten pages. However when Ben starts coming on the scene things start getting interesting. As Ivy starts to weave a complex plotline that is very grown up for the readership she is aiming at. Too many young adult books pander to what parents what teens to be reading. Where as this actually covers themes that are strongly relevant to their age group.

I would strongly recommend this book. This is how Twilight should have been written! As positive towards teenagers and young love, instead of making abuse look romantic breeding a generation who think a stalker is sexy.

8/10 stars

Sarah Beth James