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London Pride is joined by Playstation #forALLtheplayers

In the current climate of hate, intolerance, LGBTQ hate crimes and World Leaders I will not sully my page by even mentioning the name of. Who incite racial hatred and homophobic ideas wherever they go. Pride this year is ever more important than ever. A time where we can all come together, Community members and allies. Trying to forge alliances bigger, better, more important than the hate speech from leaders. Showing, that WE, the people of the Earth will not give into hate.

London Pride starts on the 24th of June, running events all the way through to the actual Pride event day on the 8th of July. Attended by huge numbers every year. As well as possibly myself this year.

Causing controversy amongst some of the gaming community, PlayStation has just stepped forward to sponsor the events. Using the hashtag #forALLtheplayers. In a deal that has been 8 months in the planning. I am pleased to say the majority of the response to the move is positive. From both gamers and game developers.

Well done Playstation! #Respect