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Interview with Scottish band: Little Eye

Little eye is a 4 piece band from Glasgow,Scotland, UK
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So, boys tell us a little about yourselves.
Introduce yourself with your name and what you play:
Allan - Singer
Marcus- Bass
Jay - Drums
Euan - Guitarist

Left to right
Marcus,Euan,Allan and Jay

1.What was it like growing up in Glasgow with the music scene?
Alan – It was good, first memories was starting a punk rock band at school/ high school. Remember playing a lot of local bars. Early memories going out gigging every week and having fun.
Marcus – That’s good thing about Glasgow there’s plenty of Venues.
Allan – Yeah tonnes
Marcus – Like bands starting out
Allan – That was probably a bit earlier
Marcus – Remember Barfly?
Allan – Yeah, we played there
Jay – Did you know see Biffy there?
Allan – I saw Biffy that’s Biffyclyro when they were on a tv show called Gonzo on MTV and they went to Barfly. And they were like playing to about 50 people. Amazing. Did kinda dead dirty Barfly.
Marcus – Grungy
Allan – Very Grungy, but yeah that’s closed down years ago.
Marcus – Yeah it's closed but still lots of gigs. The good thing about Glasgow you can go out and see a band, they might be the next big thing.
Allan – Totally
Marcus – Like Little Eye

2.How has the music scene changed since you guys started Little Eye?
Euan – Not really changed, it seems to be a lot more bands and not as many venues, like the Barfly we were talking about that’s closed down now. There are loads of things that are closed down. Ivory Black, Soundhorse was another venue
Allan – Soundhorse, man that was a crazy place that.
Euan – But I think, actually I say the kind of level the bands are going up, think there’s a lot of really good bands now, in Glasgow, in particular, is a city has a lot of great bands even undiscovered bands. I think we are all quite spoiled for choice up here in terms of music that we get to see week in, week out.
Jay – I think as well the variation you can go from the Celtic connection thing too, well not T in the park anymore but Transmit, thing you’re getting a taste of everything.
Allan – Don’t think the music has changed but what has changed is the way music is seen like online that’s changed.
Marcus – And it’s easier for people to make music now, so people can make music at home.
Allan – On your phone now
Marcus – A big change. Cool

3.How did you guy’s all meet?
Allan – Well the first person I met was Jay. I met him when I was recording some, just kinda
Marcus – Well you started the band (Pointing at Allan)
Allan – I started the band, it was just, I had no intention of becoming what it is now but I guess when I met Jay that made me think about, you know where I wanted it to go. Jay introduced me to Euan who was gigging with him. Original member when I met Jay, introduced me to Euan and then that turned into it's own thing and we took it to another level and then obviously yourself (Marcus) came in through these guys tour a lot with Ray Harris and yeah, they must of seen something in you.
Marcus – Then shit really hit the fan
Allan – So yeah that was kinda the short story, I can waffle on a lot with that but that was. We met through the scene of the Music
Marcus – The Glasgow music scene

Who writes the lyrics for the band?
Marcus – That’s actually what’ve been doing today, so……
Allan – It’s a collective journey of everyone’s input
Marcus – We always, we usually end up at Euan’s this is his new place. This is the first time we have written here. But it always starts with one idea, someone coming up with an idea and then we bounce lots of things off of each other.
Allan – Theres no real rules for song writing, that we always try to mix it up. So, it’s never we have to write like this. Euan can come up with a lick on the guitar that would make me sing something or you know Jay would come up with a lyric he likes or Marcus there’s no whatever sounds good and just roll with it.

Any funny stories that you’d like to share with your fans?
Jay – No, nothing funny happened
Allan – What’s a good funny story (the rest of what these guys said is on their youtube channel link below)

Favourite Film or tv show at the moment?
Euan – I’m hoping it’s going to be Game of Thrones gonna watch the new one tonight, that’s been my favourite for quite a while. So, I’m looking forward to that.
Jay – New season of the beach grove gardens about to start (they all laughed). I don’t really watch anything.
Marcus – Favourite film then
Jay – Jaws
Marcus – I’m with ya there. Is Jaws a horror film?
Jay – A 100%
Marcus – Is it though?
Jay – Aye it’s pretty horrific
Marcus – I know but, is it ok. That’s Jay answer.
Allan – The last series I fell in love with was Dexter. That was, I’ve never had the time to watch anything else, or maybe I love Dexter and I went to see the best film I know it’s not the question really but the best film I’ve seen this year. I went to see Logan, it was brilliant, it was so good.
Marcus – Oh, I love Logan. Have you seen Logan yet?
Euan – Not yet.
Allan – It was so good and tough and you know I’m never fan usually of the X-Men but Logan was like an old western. It’s like a stand alone and it was great.
Marcus – It was a western
Marcus - I just finished. I’m a bit behind, just finished watching Breaking Bad. That was
Allan – My sister loves that
Euan – I love it, so good.
Jay – Never seen it
Allan – In fact that’s my next stop when I think I want to watch Breaking Bad, I’ve never watched it.
Marcus - like Euan already seen it and I kept talking to him about it, but he knew the ending and I didn’t want to know but had to talk to someone cause I was like 3 or 4 years behind. There’s no one I can really talk to about.
Jay – Sorry Curb your Enthusiasm is just about to start and I can’t wait for that.
Euan – Nice
Jay – Brilliant
Marcus – We’re all quite into films like we watch a lot of films big Turn, Little China
Jay – Oh yeah classic
Allan – yeah and one of my favourites
Marcus – Jim Carey movies.
Euan – Step Brothers
Marcus – You two are like step- brothers (Pointing to Allan and Jay). Get your hands off my drum kit.
Allan – Come on Bro

What is your favourite place to go for some down time or just to get away from everyone?
Euan – The golf course for me
Marcus – Or snooker hall
Euan – Oh aye if it’s with you.
Jay – Little pub frequently called the old swan in Paisley, I quite like going there
Allan – He’s got his own seat and all that
Marcus – Ye cannie sit there
Jay – Jay will be in its half six
Marcus – Yeah half six right, ah it's 3.30.
Allan – I like to, I enjoy a game of 5 of sides that’s my downtime. That’s eh thing that chills me out, believe it or not, doing sports I like.
Marcus – I like going back to Orkney for chill out time, I guess like
Euan – (snores)
Marcus – I know, it’s bad in it I like playing computer games, like watching wrestling. That’s two things you just get into myself and I’m just there.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only have 3 things. What would you choose?
Allan – Water, pair of shorts and football
Jay – Box of matches, beers, sleeping or flare gun
Euan – Bear Grylls, Ray Mears and my Gibson 335 favourite guitar.
Marcus – Fishing rod cause then I’ll never go hungry.

Anywhere in the world you would love to live beside Scotland?
Euan – Italy
Jay – USA or Turkey
Allan – USA for a few years
Marcus – Canada

If you could be any super hero or villain who would you be?
Euan – Spiderman
Jay – Joker
Allan – Batman
Marcus – Spiderman

Quick fire:
Irn Bru or Pepsi?
Allan – Irn Bru
Jay – Irn Bru
Euan – Irn Bru
Marcus – Pepsi Max

Kebab or black pud supper?
Allan – Black pudding
Jay – Kebab
Euan – Kebab
Marcus – Kebab

Night out drinking with the guys or Relaxing night in watching a good film?
Allan – Film night in
Jay – Night out
Euan – Night out
Marcus – Night out

John Wick or Kill Bill?
Allan – Kill Bill
Jay– Kill Bill (didn’t know who John Wick was)
Euan – Kill Bill
Marcus – Kill Bill

Any new music from you guys soon?
Marcus – Yes, going to the studio in August
Euan – Few tracks to record
Jay – That’s what we have been doing today.

Album release?
Marcus – Reckon rather than do an album straight away gonna do maybe 4 or 5 singles off this next recording and maybe put an album together at a future date. Just going for the songs at the moment.

Any sneak peek at some new music?
Jay - Not at the moment
Marcus – If you watch the tour diary’s there are a couple of clips from some of the gigs we’ve done. We play one of the tracks that we are hoping to record called “My Way” #MyWay going to bring that # into trending soon.

What does music mean to each of you?
Euan – Just life, everything that’s the whole reason I’m existing.
Allan – I’ve always seen as a chance to get a little but kinda crazy. Do something that’s a bit out your comfort zone. I’ve always found when I’m, I’m quite a different person from talking here now to when I perform. Quite a lot of people say that kind of does something to me, turns me into a bit of a freak and I quite like that.
Marcus – Jays never known anything else.
Jay – Just took the words out of my mouth. No, I don’t know it’s weird I always get people that go “Oh, how do ya get in a band?” I don’t really have an answer for that, cause it’s all I’ve ever known. It’s true though, so think that’s probably the case for all of us.
Allan – It was a calling
Marcus – Yeah. I can’t add to that.

From the songs I’ve heard so far from you guys one of my favourite songs has to be “Something out of nothing”. It's catchy and loving the music video for it.

For each of you which songs do you like to play live?
Allan – I’ve always loved to play, well my favourite right now is “Do it my way” I love playing that live. Also, love playing a song called “Rescue Me”.
Marcus – I quite like, I think when we get it right “Contagious”when we get contagious sitting sweet and it’s just
Allan – too sweet.
Jay – Yeah, “Contagious”, “Rescue Me” I like as well, one that really gets me fired is “End Game”. It’s like
Marcus – Fast and Furious
Jay – It’s like sitting in a Ferrari, man.
Marcus – It’s like getting hit in the head with a brick
Euan – I love doing “We are the Kings” only cause it gets everyone that’s at the gig, it’s a little call and response thing.
Marcus – Love your solo in that one as well. When it comes down to Euan’s solo it builds, turn to Jay and he’s giving it all ball……….And Euan is giving all this, it’s great.

Who would you like collaborate with in the future with Little Eye? (Has to be alive)
Euan – Aerosmith
Jay – Foo Fighters
Marcus – I was gonna say for me Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters). I would like to work with Dave and the rest of the gang.
Jay – Hayley Williams it’s got to be (looking at Allan)
Allan – I don’t know, something that’s really but I don’t that’s musically Carlos Santana.
Euan – Woah
Marcus – Name a Carlos Santana Song.
Allan – Maria, Maria. That’s who I’d pick
Marcus – Nice one.

When are you guys touring? (include the tour dates)
Marcus – Go onto
UK tour In October
25th in London
26th in Manchester
28th in home coming show in Glasgow ABC
Jay – We not going up north as well?
Marcus – Well I’m saying the best for last 13th of October we’re going to Orkney and going to be doing some extra shows around that time as well, so keep your eyes peeled for the extra dates coming.
Allan – soon
Marcus – soon

Will you be doing a world tour anytime soon?
Jay – Yes
Allan – In the next 10 years we’re going on a world tour Marcus – Is it not 10-year tour it’s called
Allan – Yup
Euan – We’re already doing a tour
Jay – Correct
Marcus – Never off tour so cool. We will be in Perth Western Australia sometime.
Euan – book a gig and we will be there.
Marcus – Lecura if you book us we will come. But thank you very much for this interview, it very much appreciated.

I would just like to thank you for answering some questions for me. It was a pleasure to work with you guys and hopefully be able to interview you guys again.

Check out the full Interview on Little eyes Youtube Page
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Hope you all enjoy the interview check out Little Eye.

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