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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Billed as a spoof Bond movie, this was trailered in cinemas for months before its release date. Not convinced it would be any better than the slightly tacky old style 'Get Smart' remakes I went along to see it waiting to be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised as the storyline rolled out in front of me, that it was a mix of all the best parts of Avengers, Bond, Smart, Wolverine and various other old school spy films.

It starts with Taron Egerton playing Eggsy and his past, you see that his father was killed in action and Colin Firth as Galahad/Harry Hart offering the family a favor as payment of the debt. Years on Eggsy gets in trouble with the law (and the thugs ‘dating’ his mother), and he finds himself facing time in jail. He phones the number given to him, and Harry rescues him. Before taking him under his wing to undergo Kingsman trials with a serious of other applicants.

Kingsman being a secret organization of gentleman spies all going by code names of members of the round table. Their leader being, of course, Arthur (Michael Caine). The organization being hidden behind and beneath a London tailor shop. Eggsy finally with a reason to prove himself and someone to care finally applies himself to the training as well as the new life-style. Instead of living a life of crime with the others from his neighborhood.

Colin Firth’s acting makes this movie, without his blend of humor the film just would not work. I think the two scenes that stand out the most for me are Harry trying to leave a hate group church and when questioned why by a redneck woman answers with: “I’m a Catholic whore who needs to visit my black, Jewish boyfriend who works in an abortion clinic.” And the scene right near the start when he and Eggsy end up in a bar fight with some punk kids and he locks the pub door asking them if they understand what Manners Maketh Man mean? Before promptly issuing the lesson.

This is a very enjoyable film, a nice relaxing afternoon movie that will entertain, interest, and certainly, make you think about a few things. I would recommend it to anyone looking to simply be entertained.

9/10 stars

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Sarah Beth James