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Killer Bird

Killer Bird is a short film that I lucked into finding. Their production company (23 and a half films) followed me on twitter, I saw the trailers being posted and sent them a tweet. Daniel Harding, the director/writer of the production was kind enough to answer me. Sending me the full movie link. Over the last two years I have seen dozens of short films for various movie review websites. Anything from fantastic work like Dean Sills: Tears in the Dust and The Railways Carriage, through to some completely terrible productions I have in the end had to decline politely as I could find nothing redeeming in them that I could possibly report on. With everybody and their wife now owning camcorders and basic editing software it is very hard to know what you will end up picking up on a spec tweet.

I have to admit that when I first heard the title, I did not hold out much hope for this production being one of the better ones to review. It instantly brought to mind a tacky horror movie. With guys dressed up in bird suits and half naked girls running away. Infact I looked at the tweets for over a week before I even messaged them to ask if they wanted a review. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my idea of this well thought out, highly original, thought provoking piece.

We start with a group of friends doing normal every day things. Drinking, playing pool, bitching about the news on the radio. How England is going to hell, immigrants are taking over stealing our jobs. It’s a very normal scene to see in most bars/work places. People discussing their views on the current events. Well shot, comfortably dialogued to the point where you feel that these are your friends having the conversation around you. The news moves onto the fact there is a bird loose on the Sussex downs attacking people, they are advised to keep away from the area for their own safety.

Michael (played by Chris Clynes) decides it would be a good idea to go up on the downs and try to find this bird. Hunting for it, sleeping out in his car as his friends are not interested in getting anywhere near it. Out there he meets up with a lady called Linda who he thinks is looking for the same thing he is. So they split up trying to cover more ground together. Leaving a trail of food, Michael hopes to attract the bird into following him. What he finds instead is a young woman stealing the food. Following her he finds a tent, and a small camp site where she is living. She ends up chasing him off, talking in another language. Leaving Michael to discover what the ‘killer bird’ really is.

I don’t want to go too much into the ending of this wonderful production starring Kate Goodfellow, Steve Sipple. Chris Clynes, Steve Larkin, Lindsey Bennett, Stewert Barham, Ingvild Delia, Meryl Griffiths and Daniel Harding. I will say however it is a very interesting take on both sides of the fence of the current immigration issues facing our country. It has certainly made me look long and hard at my own opinions on the matter.

Well done to the team for their hard work.

Fantastic production 5/5 stars

You can follow them on twitter by clicking here and here

Sarah Beth James