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Just Cause 3 - Walkthrough

As Just Cause 3 has just been released free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, why not have a Walkthrough guide for the game in case you get stuck somewhere?

Well, here it is, a very quick guide to what you have to do in the game...


Your first objective in Just Cause 3 is to defend the plane from surface-to-air missiles {SAMs}. With the rocket launcher in-hand, Rico is a threat to anything on the ground. Keep a close eye on the ground while you scan for the missile batteries that are highlighted by white boxes. As soon as you’re locked in, fire to take them out. Ammo is unlimited during this part of the mission, but it does take some time to reload, so try not to miss if you can avoid it.

The SAMs are in front of the plane you’re in, so pay close attention whenever it turns. A few minutes into the mission, an enemy plane appears. Don’t worry about the damage being caused by the opposing jet as you can’t really do much about it.

As you’re falling from the plane, try to land as close to the cave below as you can. Once the Parachute emblem appears, deploy your shoot and move toward the cave below. Mario is close to your location and will signal for help. Make your way toward his position and pick up the rocket launcher on the ground along the way.

Use the grappling hook to pull Rico to the top of the cave as you move toward the yellow marker on the map. When you reach the top, help Mario take down the nearby enemies. Make sure Mario doesn’t die during the battle. Keep an eye on his health and be more aggressive if it looks like he’s not going to make it.

After the cutscene, head into the truck and drive over to the rebels. When you reach the militia checkpoint drive right through it as you run over a few enemies in the process. Once you arrive at the objective, kill the enemies here using the nearby tank to make things a bit easier. Watch another short cutscene, then get into the chopper and fly to the next objective on the map.

Land the chopper inside the rebel base or parachute into the base, then kill anyone in red. Avoid shooting the people dressed in blue as they’re on your side. You want to keep them alive so they help during the fight.

Head to the top of the tower where the next objective is located and take control of the minigun. Look for the dirt road that leads into the base and take down any enemies that are unlucky enough to be in your line of sight. There are a few enemies that will come from the sides, but most will come right down that road.

When you see an enemy helicopter above, take it down as quickly as you can. Continue to shoot everything and everyone (that’s an enemy) until another cutscene begins. Head to the next marker on the map to begin the next story mission, Time for an Upgrade.


Perform grapple techniques as instructed by Dimah, then meet up with her again while using your grappling techniques along the way to the destination. After another cutscene, test out your tethering abilities by pulling a barrel into the nearby fence. You can also tether the fuel canisters to each other to cause a few explosions.

When you meet up with Dimah again by the cliffs you obtain the wing-suit. Fly off the cliff to test out your new flying squirrel abilities and glide toward the bridge below. Place two sets of GE-64 on the bridge where indicated, then head up to the next marker above the bridge and wait for the enemy convoy to show up. When the enemy vehicles are positioned on the bridge, blow the GE-84 to make quick work of them.

Head down the cliff to the SAM site, then hack the two batteries. There are enemies in this area, but you can avoid them if you wish to practice conserving ammo, or simply gun them down. After hacking both batteries, use them to take down the helicopters that attack.

Speak with Dimah and Mario again and pull Mario across the island as you head toward the next marker. This ends this story mission, but there are two liberation missions you can complete in this area. When you’re ready to move on to the next story mission, head to the marker on the map.

Continue on to Mario’s Rebel Drops.


Head to the next waypoint on your map to locate the vehicle Mario told you about. Open your map and mark the garage so you can head there without trouble if you decide you want to keep any vehicles you find later in the game. Take the vehicle to the garage and park in the blue circle to save the vehicle in your newfound garage location.

Look in the nearby crate for a Beacon, then pick it up and select Rebel Drop from the menu. Request weapons, vehicles and other gear and artillery, then wait for delivery of the goods. At this point you need to complete the Liberation of Baia before you can continue. Once that’s done you receive a phone call from Sheldon. Make your way to the next marker on the map which is the next mission.

Continue on to A Terrible Reaction


Your first task for this mission is to destroy three tanks. Use the parachute to head down to the town below, but keep your distance. Remember, you can take down the tanks from quite a distance with the rocket launcher, so you don’t need to be anywhere near the tanks. This makes it much easier to complete this portion of the mission.

Take down all three tanks, then continue deeper into the city and make your way over to Mario. Stay on the rooftops as you take down the militia in the area. You need to move to the edge of the rooftops to take down the enemies below, but you can move back to the centre of each roof to avoid taking damage once the militia troops spot you.

Once again, you need to keep Mario safe from harm. He can take a few hits, but if his health starts to get low you need to get a little more aggressive to take enemy fire off of him and focused on you. If you need more weapons you can drop down to the ground level and loot the green locker.

After you’ve eliminated a good number of enemies, reinforcements show up via parachutes. Try to take them out while they’re still airborne so you don’t have to deal with their antics once they reach the ground. You can also take down the large fuel rig that they fly over to execute them all in a single attack.

When the gate lowers to block your escape, tether it to the top of the gate structure nearby to move it out of the way. Jump onto the back of the truck and make sure the rebels make it out of the city safely. When the ship attacks from above, use the grapple to reach the gunship, then pull out the pilot and use the helicopter to take down any remaining enemies. Target enemy vehicles or the explosive artefacts to the side of the road to make your job a little easier.

Once Mario escapes the mission is complete. When you’re ready to move on to the next story mission, head to the south of Soros, southwest of your present location.

Continue on to Friends Like These.


After the cutscene that begins this mission, speak with Mario and meet with Dimah. You’re instructed to seek out a contract, but that’s not your most pressing task. As the mission begins, head across the river to meet Mario’s friend next to the boat. Tether the boat to the nearby sand bar to pull it into the water, then Fast Travel to the location near Manaea.

Using Fast Travel completes the mission and unlocks the Fast Travel ability. To begin the Conflicting Interests mission, head to north of Manaea to Vigilator Nord.

From here you can continue on to the Conflicting Interests.


Head up the coast and speak with Looch to begin the mission. You are tasked with finding the military base and locating a Bavarium Scanner. Take the boat into Vigilator Nord and prepare for a battle in the settlement. It’s important to pay close attention to the laser sights in the area as the snipers will not hesitate to take a shot at you if you cross their path.

Don’t move in too far as there are a ton of enemies that can easily surround you and make this mission a lot harder than it has to be. Take each group of enemies out one by one as you slowly work your way into the area. It’s best to liberate the settlement so you don’t have to worry about all of the enemies surrounding you.

Make your way over to the shipping containers to find the scanner you need to retrieve. While it’s possible to get the scanner without liberating the settlement, it’s much easier once the enemies are no longer a concern. If you’re in a hurry, grapple to the top of the containers and set explosives to blow them open, then search through them until you find the scanner.

With the scanner in-hand, head over to Cima Leon to the west. Watch out for the aerial defences surrounding the area, and fly low if you decided to take the skies on your way to the next location. When you reach the next location marker, grapple up to the grate, place the scanner and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene, head down to the valley and pick up the scanner, then speak with Sheldon at Cafe Francesco in Fortalessa to the south. You need to clear any Heat you’ve acquired along the way in order to do business with Sheldon. Once that’s done, speak to Sheldon in the middle of town and give him the scanner to complete the mission. If you have enough territory liberated you can speak to him again to begin The Secret of Vis Electra mission.

Continue on to The Secret of Vis Electra


You need to liberate more territory before you can begin the next mission. Once you’ve cleared enough territory, head to the power plant on the northwest side of Vis Electra. After the cutscene at the beginning of the mission, follow the glowing power conduits to the rocks ahead, then climb over the rocks to the next batch of cables.

When you reach the cliff above the town, head over to the settlement and rejoin the conduits on the far side of the area. Use your grapple to take to air and head down the large hill as you follow the cables into the water and out the other side. Follow the coastline as the pipes will not be visible throughout the entire journey. When you finally reach the patrol boat, drop down to the ground below to the checkpoint and take out the boats and guards within.

Head into the facility and head to the next marker, which is the underground entrance. Swim through the entrance and into the cavern ahead, then follow the path and ignore the men in the next room as you search for the power node down the way.

Move over to the gate blocking your way and hack the controls to continue. Clear everything involved with the power node using explosives or whatever means of destruction you have available to you. There are a few soldiers here that you may need to take down as well, so be ready for the engagement.

Once you’ve destroyed the power node, head out of the plant to complete the mission. Head northwest to find the Turncoat mission and continue with the story.

Continue on with Turncoat


Your next mission begins in Lavanda where you must speak with Mario. If you liberate the town it’s much easier to begin this mission, but it’s not a necessity. After speaking with Mario, look around for a military transport. You should be able to find some within about a block of Mario’s present location, so you don’t need to venture too far from the starting point of the mission.

Bring one of the vehicles back to Mario, then drive to Zeno’s location. When you arrive, engage the enemy soldiers using the turret on the vehicle to make things easier on you. Of course you can always get out of the vehicle and take them out in other ways, but then you risk getting shot at.

Once Zeno gets in the helicopter, grapple up to the top of your vehicle and pay close attention to the road. Take down any enemies that cross your path, then head over to the missile battery once you reach the checkpoint. Hack the site, then head back to Mario as quickly as possible. If you spend too much time here things get rough as a tank shows up.

When you reach the next SAM site, disable it as quickly as possible and head back to Mario’s ride again. Grapple toward the gunship and take down the pilot, then make quick work of the militia soldiers when you reach the destination ahead. Defeat all of the enemies to complete the mission.

Before you can start the next mission (Missile Cowboy), you need to liberate Cima Leon: CentCom. Once that’s done head over to the east side of the island to begin the next mission. If you’re ready, continue on to Missile Cowboy.


You begin this mission in the middle of Cima Leon. Make your way to the top of a large building to find the marker as you meet with Dimah again. Glide over to the next marker, but don’t worry about any defences at the military base as this one doesn’t have a ton of artillery that makes your job harder. However, there’s still a plethora of soldiers occupying it, so you’ll have to do a bit of fighting here.

Take out the fuel containers and electrical substation so you can build Chaos as you head for the transmitter (the next location marked on the map). Hack into the computer system to reveal the transmitter, then take it down.

It’s now time to help the rebels once again as you have to make sure the meter at the top of the screen stays in your favour. Take out every enemy you see as quickly as possible to make sure the rebels score a win here. Head to the markers on the map as they appear to the north and take down the armoured transports. You can use one of the transports to take out the others, then finish off your transport with a few explosives.

The next marker is to the west where you must take down the soldiers that attack there. Keep an eye on the sky so you can take out any gunships that fly into the region. You can commandeer one of them to make your job a little easier here, as you destroy the tanks to the west. Once they’re down, watch a short cutscene, then glide to the missile as you try to stay as high as you can.

You need to hit the lower section of the missile, but if you drop too low to the ground or fly over the missile you won’t be able to complete your mission. After another cutscene the mission is complete. Your next mission begins north of Cima Leon where you must meet up with Mario.

Continue on to Of Cows and Wine


When you reach Mario’s location, head down to the vineyard below and hop into the wine truck. Follow the predetermined route, but take your time as you need to make sure you don’t lose the win as you travel. It’s easiest if you tether someone to the top of the truck so the wine barrels can’t move as much, but if you drive slow enough you can make it without taking this extra step.

Once you reach the delivery point, wait for a phone call from Sheldon to complete the mission. For the next mission you need to head to Pointe Laurino. You can take on Connect the Dots now.


Speak with Sheldon, then get into one of the helicopters and fly to the next objective. You need to take out the military ships which means you should stay moderately low to the ground. This makes it easier to hit the ships with your missiles. Keep an eye out for the enemy choppers in the area, as well as the SAM site and the ships chasing Mario and Dimah.

Once you’ve taken down all of the enemies in the area, get out of the chopper and head down to the boat below. Take the boat around the coastline as you check in on a few informants. You pass through a minefield as you head toward the next marker, but you won’t have to worry about any enemies.

Head over to the small island once you reach the second site, then turn around as you make your way to the final destination. Meet up with Annika and Teo to have a quick conversation, then take out the enemies that attack to complete the mission.

Keep playing through the story missions with An Act of Piracy.


Your next task is to get better medical supplies for your allies. Begin the mission in Grotta Contrabandero as you head into the higher cliffs to seek out the mission marker. You won’t have to go far from the place where the previous mission (Connect the Dots) ended, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

After a short cutscene you need to steal a tank. Head into the plane and fly to the north toward Ponere. As you approach the marker, parachute down to the convoy below. You need to land on top of the tank, but you must wait for the shield to drop. This happens consistently, but you need to wait until it goes down before you drop on top of the tank.

Get inside the tank and use it to take out any other vehicles in the area, then head to the next destination point. Shoot the gate controls to gain access to the base and continue toward the docks. Take out any enemy vehicles that cross your path, which should be pretty easy in your overpowered tank. Move the tank into the transport to complete the mission.

Continue on to Three’s Company.


Once you complete the previous mission (An Act of Piracy), you can begin Three’s Company without having to venture too far. Speak with Dimah and Annika, then head out of the base and into the helicopter on the beach. Make your way to the next destination point to the northeast, but don’t worry as you won’t run into any hostiles along the way.

After Sheldon calls, drop out of the helicopter and grapple through the town and to the next location marker to find a sniper rifle waiting for you. Take a position near the edge of the overlook so you can take the shots you need with relative ease. Keep a close eye on the road going away from your present position so you can shoot enemy vehicles as they pass.

Take out the vehicles on the ground and the choppers in the air, then grapple over to the allied soldiers and finish off any remaining enemies. Once all of the enemies are down, head east to the next overlook and wait for Annika. Shoot the gate controls to let her into the shipping area, then take down any enemies that attack Annika and Teo along the way. You can attack them directly, or hit the fuel nearby to take out multiple enemies in one shot.

If you run out of ammo, hit up the package on your overlook to reload. Once Annika and Teo get to the chopper, make sure they remain safe until they leave the immediate area. After they’re gone, glide down to their new location and take out any enemies that remain.

Take off in the chopper and take out the enemies that attempt to block your escape. Use the rocket launcher to finish off the boats to make your job a little easier, as well as explosive barrels to take out multiple enemies at once. When the gunship attacks, grapple over to it so you can take control of the ship and use it to defeat the rest of the enemies.

Once the helicopter reaches its destination the mission is complete. The next mission (A Long and Dangerous Road) begins north of your present location. You can find the starting point near Capite Est.

Continue on to A Long and Dangerous Road.


To begin this mission you need to take the road through Capite Est until you reach the destination marker. Meet with Teo, Dimah and Annika, then grapple onto any of the vehicles in the convoy. Move toward the front of the convoy so you have better positioning when it comes time to defend the group of vehicles.

Focus on the bridge above as soldiers will begin to attack after a short time. Grapple up to the bridge and take out the soldiers, then take on the enemies below once the bridge has been secured. When the gunship appears overhead, grapple up to it and take control of the ship to make this engagement a bit easier.

Continue through the next few barricades and take out the enemy vehicles as they attack. If you’re having trouble or getting overwhelmed by the number of enemies, shoot out the tires on the vehicles as a quick way to take them out while conserving ammunition.

When you pass the enemy base another gunship will attack. As soon as it appears, take control of the ship. If you delay it will inflict significant damage to your convoy. Take out the helicopters as they attack and continue to protect the convoy until you reach the tank yard. Hop into one of the tanks and take down the enemy snipers to the right, then head to the opposite side of the convoy to engage the last set of enemies. Once the enemies are down, use the EMP to complete the mission.


Head to Cauda in the southwest and speak with Sheldon in Contrabandero. Before you head out, pick up a Fire Leech from a Rebel Drop if you’ve got one available. The Fire Leech makes this mission much easier for you. After the cutscene, take out the enemies that attack while keeping Mario and the EMP safe from harm.

Focus on the soldiers in front of the base as you make your way toward the mounted gun marker. Use the gun to make quick work of the enemies unfortunate enough to cross your path. As the battle continues more and more enemies attack. If the mounted gun isn’t enough, commandeer one of the enemy vehicles as an alternate method of attack.

When the helicopters show up, grapple up to the choppers and remove the pilots. If you’re not good with the grapple, you can use one of the anti-air guns near the river. Once the EMP nears full charge you’ll have to deal with paratroopers from above. Continue to engage the enemies as you start to move back toward the EMP.

Once the EMP is done charging use it to disable the remaining enemy vehicles, then restock your ammunition while you have a moment. Grab the mini-gun and hop into one of the vehicles, then continue to take down the enemies that are parachuting in. Stay on the move to avoid the red circles that indicate where their attacks will hit.

Head back to the EMP and use it a second time to clear any remaining vehicles, then take out any soldiers that are still giving you trouble. There may be a tank near the end of the cave, so head down there and take control of the tank if it’s still functioning. The tank makes the next wave of enemies much easier to deal with if it’s available.

Defeat all of the enemies to complete the mission. When you’re ready continue on to Electromagnetic Pulse.


To begin this mission liberate the Insula Dracon settlements, pick up a chopper and head north to Massos. Speak with Dimah then follow the pipes until you reach the enemy base. Take out the base to remove the FOW threat from the area, then head to the next destination marker and continue to follow the pipes through the tunnel.

Take out the soldiers and boats in the lower area, then swim through the small tunnel to find the underground site. Go through the tunnel under the base and continue to swim to the next destination marker. Make quick work of the enemies that attack, then destroy the nearby transformers and head out of the cave to complete the mission.

The next mission is Tangled up in Blue.


Speak with Dimah by Corda Dracon, then take out the hordes of enemies throughout the area. The first engagement takes place to the northwest, so head to the marker and assist the rebel plane on the runway. Your goal is to make sure the plane takes off, which means you need to handle the enemies attacking it.

Take control of a jet at the airport and head to the next destination marker. It’s your job to protect the boat on the water. You need to defend it against bombardment from aircraft above as well as other enemies in the area.

The last area of contention is to the east. Head over to the boat just outside the water gate, then take the boat inside when the gate opens. Dock the craft by the generator in the back of the first room, then take out the generator and search for a tunnel in the water. Swim through the tunnel, coming up for air when you reach each air pocket, then grapple up and open the door to the next room (press the red button).

There are two more generators above that should also be taken out. Grapple up to them and do your worst, then leave the cave through the tunnel above. With all three generators destroyed the base is done for and the mission is complete.


Head to the Grotta Contrabandero to begin this mission. Hop into the nearby jet and fly over to the rendezvous point to meet with President Manuela’s plane. Speak with her pilot, then use homing missiles to take down the enemy fighters that attack. It’s nearly impossible to prevent the President’s plane from taking damage, just make sure it doesn’t blow up and you’ll be fine.

Take out the enemy targets, then grapple over to the other plane. This can be a tough grapple, but fly close to Rosa’s plane and slow down to match speeds. Use the Stunt button to get up to the roof of your plane allowing you to grapple to the adjacent jet.

Once you’re on board, take control of the plane and land at the runway marked on the map. Land the plane safely to complete the mission.


For this mission you need to meet with President Manuela in Refugio Umbra to the northeast. Grapple to Teo’s helicopter to fly over to the train, then grapple onto the train and ready your heavy weaponry for the upcoming engagement. As the train leaves the tunnel a helicopter attacks. Take it down, then watch for the next wave of attackers and deal with them accordingly.

Head toward the back of the train as you finish off the attacking enemies, then shoot the coupler near the back of the train to prevent an impending crash. When the next train approaches, destroy it then head back to the front of your train and grapple onto the next inbound train. Move up to the front car and plant explosives to derail the train and complete the mission.


Head over to Maestrale to meet with Annika. Go down the hill to the prison entrance and break inside, then take down the soldiers that attack once you’re in. You won’t have to worry about much opposition until you actually get inside the prison, but the small space can make it a little more difficult to fight. Make sure you use close range weaponry so you don’t endanger yourself.

Move through the prison as you search for the two switches that are on opposites sides of the floor near the far walls. They’re surrounded by electrical panels which makes them a little easier to spot. Once you’ve accessed both switches, hack into the terminal to lower the door and head down to the lower level where you need to repeat what you just did.

The main difference in the lower level is that snipers join in on the attack. Keep Rico between the buildings to make it harder for the snipers to get a clear shot. One of the switches you’re looking for is in the centre of the room instead of the outer wall.

Access both switches, then hack the terminal so you can move on to the generator level. The next room is filled with more enemies, but it can be a little harder given their position. Use the depression near the entrance as cover to regain health when needed. Once the enemies are down access the switches in the room to get to the generator, then take it out and use the vertical tunnel to get back up to the surface.

Make your way to the next destination marker and help the prisoners escape. Take down the attacking snipers first as they will inflict the most damage to the people escaping. Once all of your allies have made it out safely the mission is complete.


Head up to the northwest to begin this mission. Before you hop into the car, pick up any new weapons or ammo that you may need. Drive to the airport and break through the gate as you make your way across the tarmac. Head to the cargo plane and drive through the loading door to get inside. Take out the enemies within, then climb into the hatch to get onto the roof.

Wait for the jets to approach, then take control of one of them and slow down enough to allow the other jets and the cargo plane to pass. With all of your enemies directly ahead you have an easy line of sight to take them all out. More planes will appear as you take these down, but as long as the cargo plane doesn’t take too much damage you’re fine.

Once you’re instructed to get back inside the plane, grapple over to the roof and head inside through the red hatch. Get inside the truck and drive out of the cargo bay to complete the mission. From here you can continue on to The Watcher on the Wall.


Your next mission begins east of Costa Sud where you meet Mario and the President. You are tasked with protecting the rebel cargo against the plethora of enemies that attack. The easiest way to defend against this assault is to use your tether to move the heavy anti-air gun on the tower forward so you can use it to attack the enemies facing off against you.

You can basically take out all of the enemies in this mission using the heavy anti-aircraft gun to make it super easy to complete. Once all of the enemies are down, grapple onto the helicopter (once Rico catches up on his motorcycle) and plant some explosives while you’re hanging from the bottom of the chopper. When the helicopter goes down the mission is complete.


Head to the Grande Pastura to begin this mission. It’s time to take down another military base, which means you need to follow the pipes to locate the hatch at the top of the mountain. Once the hatch is opened for you, drop down inside and start your assault. There’s a hiding place on the balcony above the first room if you need to replenish your health during the battle.

Move into the next room and find the panel that opens the gate. Head through the gate and take out the armoured soldiers in the next room. Attack from a distance as these guys will take a bit to bring down. Once the enemies are down, use one of their mini-guns to take down the transformer in the room, then swim out through the underwater tunnel to the side of the command node. When you get outside the mission is complete.


Head to the Regno in the centre of the nation to begin this mission. You are tasked with destroying targets at various points across the battlefield, with your first target located on top of a skyscraper downtown. Glide onto the building and take down the snipers, then take the helicopter on the roof and fly northwest.

Help the rebels that are taking heavy fire by landing near one of the tanks. Take out the enemies inside and use the tank to eliminate the enemy vehicles in the area. Finish off the rest of the enemies in the area, the head north to look for a jet.

Fly to the north and use homing missiles to take out Di Ravello’s aircraft, then circle around to take out the naval craft and any remaining targets in the city. Once the battle is over fly to the Centcom Tower to complete the mission.


Fly over to Maestrale to begin this mission as you speak with your entire team. Take a jet northwest toward the volcano, then engage Di Ravello’s chopper after the cut scene. Use the Beacons at the top of the volcano to supply yourself with heavy artillery, then engage the dictator.

Your best bet is to use the Thunderbird and M488 against Di Ravello’s helicopter. When the chopper’s shield is down this combination of weaponry will inflict heavy damage to the chopper. You need to time your shots to connect when the shield is down or they will not be effective. Hit the chopper four times with your rockets to take it down.

If you need to take cover, use the stone pillars around the basin of the volcano. In addition, the Beacons near the top are available throughout the battle if you need to replenish your supplies. Always stay on the move when you’re out in the open or you will take heavy damage from the chopper. Stay airborne as much as you can as it’s much easier to dodge the missiles from an aerial standpoint.

Destroy the helicopter to complete the mission and the story mode of Just Cause 3. At this point you can still liberate any remaining areas or complete any side objectives.

Andi Hodgetts

Author of Stonehurst