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Jurassic World

Jurassic World, the latest installment of the Jurassic Park series of movies came out June 2015. Featuring a theme park island (Isla Nublar) attraction drawing steady crowds, but getting past its prime. People were starting to bore of coming to a petting zoo and attractions based on what were now as commonplace as average animals. The park was one of a kind, although over the years it was starting to become a been there done that experience. Attendance spiked after a new attraction was released every time of course, so the 'powers that be' decided to genetically engineer their own original dinosaur attraction. Meaner, nastier, crueller than anything that had ever been seen before. Enter the indominus rex, a brand new species never seen before. So cruel and bloodthirsty it ate its own sibling.

Claire (director of park) brings Owen (Chris Pratt) in as the leading zoo keeper and expert on dinosaurs is brought in to access the new creation before the display is brought public. Suspiciously the same weekend that Claire's (Bryce Dallas Howard) nephews Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zack (Nick Robinson) are visiting for some downtime during their parents possible divorce.

Of course we know the children are going to run off and get into trouble, we know the new dinosaur is going to escape and wreck everything. That's just the franchise, so no spoilers there. The film is rather slow starting as they set up the nephews, the family, the possible romance between Claire and Owen, and the park's attractions. Making the actual dinosaur escape almost feel second best in the time. The action is very fast paced, too fast paced for the slow start. The movie could easily do with twenty minutes cutting from the setting up and at least 40 minutes adding to the second half of the movie. Claire makes the most unbelievable should be dead in two minutes but somehow survives without a scratch side kick to Owen. I would have liked to see her struggle of coming to terms with everything taking more screen time. Also the mystery dinosaur in the indominus rex's dna mix is hardly a surprise to anyone given how highly intelligent the creature is.

However the last 30 minutes of the film just blow me away. The last ten minutes are jaw dropping how they finally finish off the dinosaur escape problem. Leaving it as my new favourite of the whole franchise, even if when It comes out on dvd I will be fast forwarding quite a bit of the earlier parts of the film. All I can say is bare with it, the ending is worth all the fluff to get there. Just expect to be cheering on the raptors to murder the boring humans!

I can easily see why this is the third highest grossing film of all time, only just behind Titanic and Avatar. Scoring nearly 40% of the total box office takings on its opening weekend. 115% more than rival movie Spy and still heavily featured in showing times even now we have two marvel films out fighting for box-office takings (Ant Man and Fantastic Four).

With the film taking $1,561,726,780 in just two months, I can easily see why a sequel has already been confirmed. Jurassic World 2 will release 22nd June 2018, several plotlines are already being teased. From people having pet dinosaurs as commonly as we now have pet dogs. To multi companies having access to creating creatures both original and invented from crossing dna strands. To dinosaurs being used as weapons. As the writers are only just starting on the project I expect it will be sometime before we get any concrete facts.


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