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Joss Stirling releases free Finding Sky series ebooks

We all love the Finding Sky series, watching the brothers hunt out their soul mates. Bringing them into their lives, their homes. Doing anything they can to keep happy the other half of their soul in beautifully told romantic settings. In storylines that never show fear of covering difficult subjects, such as bullying and abuse. I am sure (like me) that when Joss got to the end of the series you were gutted. Knowing that you would never again get to read something new about your favourite characters.

Well maybe you will, Joss Stirling has kindly released three story stories as free ebooks exploring snippets of the past of several main characters.

Teasing Xav:

Burning Yves:

Challenging Zed:

Inciteful, bringing a new dimention to the books we know and love so well. A perfect openning for those who haven't yet read the series. Only a few thousand words each, but hopefully enough to hold oyu over until someone has the common sense to snap this amazing book series up as the next big film/tv release.


Sarah Beth James