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Jack Walters and the Not So Ordinary Day:R D Bramstone

Part 1 of the Jack Walters Series.

The Kindle self published book, by R D Bramstone, is a short story in the genre of fiction for middle grade to young adult. It is a charming story about a teenager named Jack Walters. Jack lives at home with his mother and an absent father. The story follows Jack as he tries to stay out of trouble but seems drawn to unpleasant encounters with his oddball neighbor, Mr. Thomas. He hangs out with his best and only friend, Stuart Middlemiss who keeps Jack intrigued with his secret experiments.

Jack, at first look, appears to be the typical “I’m bored” teenager, but that quickly changes when he stumbles into a closet of shoes, which delivers him to another world called Simento. Jack immediately encounters another young boy who promptly returns Jack to his home, saying he had arrived too early. Jack assumes it was all a bizarre dream, until he again visits the closet and this time is drawn back in by a plea from his best friend, Stuart. He dives headfirst into the shoes to help his friend.

On his second trip to this new world, Stuart and Jack’s mother, Sarah, explain to Jack, that his father, Stephen, is not off working, but is in Simento and has been captured by Lamanzo, the evil war master. They further explained that his father was a sorcerer and had been working for several years to defeat Lamanzo and preserve the peace in Simento. Jack is stunned by this revelation but also quite fascinated.

Jack delves into his father’s spell books and learns what he can in the short training period before the group leaves on the underworld mission to save Jack’s father, Stephen.

The remainder of the story follows Jack, Stuart, Sarah and another friend, as they solve the obstacles in their path, which includes Lamanzo himself and a younger, more diabolical version of Mr. Thomas, the neighbor from across the street.

The ending of the book segues nicely to next book in the series, Jack Walters, The Second Rising. Stay tuned for the review of this book.

The book is quite short at 43 pages and is an easy read for a teenager. The book is categorized for age 7 to 18 and since there is no blood letting or violence, the book appears to be appropriate for the younger age group, but may need to be read to them.

What I liked about the book is that the main character, Jack Walters, is an unassuming character and doesn’t even know that he is supposed to be the hero. It makes it a pleasure to root for the good guys.

Although, the book needs editing, it is a good start for a new writer.

The author, R D Bramstone, is currently working on the third book in the series.

Stars: 3.0 / 5.0

T K Asunali