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Iron Fist season One

Iron Fist, one of Netflix and Marvel's new adventures to bring more people into the franchise. Along with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Dare Devil. Bringing Netflix original series to the masses. The 13 episode first season premiering in March 2017.

Following the adventures of Danny Rand, a young boy who was caught up in a plane crash where his parents died. He ended up surviving but transported to another realm. One where the monks taught Danny how to be a warrior, and slowly into becoming the Iron Fist. In a lift that revolved around training, sleep, studying and blocking your emotions. He was only a child when he was stranded there, doing whatever he could to survive.

15 years later, Danny finds that the portal to our world has reopened and he makes his way back to New York looking for the company his parents owned, his old life and the remains of his family. Looking homeless, with rough clothing, no shoes or money. Danny was turned away from Rand Enterprises. Nearly arrested when he breaks inside asking for Harold, who ran the company with his parents. On discovering Harold is dead, he turns to his children (Joy and Ward) looking for answers and a way back to his company as well as who he is. They don't believe him, and he ends up staying at the dojo of a young woman he meets. As he tries to prove his identity, find a way to survive now he is back in New York.

The Iron Fist is a magical being, who can focus his chi into his hand doing things that no one else can. The other side of that is an organization called The Hand. Who want to destroy or tame the Iron Fist for their own purposes. Both are destined to be enemies. As the series goes along, we discover that Harold isn't really dead. The Hand did something which brought him back, so he can never be killed. Well, he can die as we see in the series, but he always comes back again. He controls the company through his son Ward, who has issues with drugs and paranoia from it. Harold hides away from the world, running everything he can through Ward and a few advisors. He bullies and controls Ward, making him want to get rid of Harold for good. A perfect ploy for The Hand to gain anything they want. As well as using Rand Enterprises as a cover for their own operations, including dealing designer drugs.

Then, of course, there is the fact that the Iron Fist should never have left the monks, and now the doorway is open to their world they are in danger if Danny doesn't return. Then the subplots about Ward's crumbling mental health, and addictions. The subplot of Danny getting locked up in a mental hospital. The side plots of Harold alive, then dead, then alive. The mystery dojo owner who might not be what she seems. Danny's love life and so on and so on. You can barely focus on one plot line as another flies past your head. People swapping sides constantly or turning out to not be what you thought.

As much as this is a very good series, it has far too many messy little subplots that are not resolved or even important to the main storyline. There is almost no usage of the Iron Fist, just the odd little peek now and then to get out a situation. Or the complex subplot where Danny is offered to learn more about the power he holds, which ends badly of course. It feels like the writers had two seasons or more of ideas but then had to shove it all into one season so that they could write The Defenders being advertised now. Which is a storyline holding all the heroes I mentioned at the top of this page. Which frankly, makes the storyline a complete mess. By episode six I was starting to bore of the series and by episode eight I was all but ready to give up on it. I barely dragged my way through to the rather flat, dull ending. I was shouting at the screen often, like I don't care, go back to the real storyline already!Or bored now, give me something actually interesting!

As it stands, the show doesn't deserve a second season. I just hope that the reinvention to The Defenders does it some good. Marvel is just churning out too many series and films right now, destroying what used to be an amazing franchise.