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Interview with Lauren Kate: Bestselling writer of Fallen

Again we are back to my little obsession with teen fantasy. Fallen is a book series I first picked up randomly in a supermarket when the second book came out because the first book was on a free offer with it. The artwork was what first attracted me, the deep gothic style clothing. I am a goth, I am addicted to the clothing. To dark angel statues and black roses. The storyline at first I was a bit oh, okay its angels. Not really my thing, but hey take a shot on a fantastic cover art. I literally am a 'judge a book by its cover gal'. If an author has taken the time to create something magical, then logic states the writing inside will be amazing. Logic was right, as I fell in love with this book series before I was more than a few chapters into the first book.

For those of you who have little idea what the series is about. We have Lucinda Price, a young human girl going to a new school. Where she meets a good looking boy who flips her off as soon as he sees her. Daniel, an angel. Her soul mate. Doomed to spend eternity watching over Luce in every one of her lives, fall in love with her before watching her die as soon as she starts to remember him or what he is. Along with a group of other angels, hiding as students Daniel has to protect Lucinda from the past and her future. While Cam (a dark angel) tries to win her heart instead.

1. What is your background in writing?

I have a Masters Degree in Fiction and used to work as an Associate Editor at
a publishing house. None of that is necessary to write, of course, but the
lessons I learned in both arenas helps me stay calmer going through the
publishing process. I’m very comfortable with a wide variety of criticism, and
I know the procedure of turning a manuscript into a book. Don’t mean I don’t
freak out a lot, just less than I might otherwise.

2. What inspired you to write the Fallen series?

There’s a line in Genesis (6:1-4) that mentions angels falling in love with
mortal women. The consequences of this love—the angels were kicked out of
Heaven for placing something above God—seemed to me such a major and
complicated sacrifice. I knew this could be a love story with cosmic
implications. I wanted to write about the girl who could make that sacrifice

3. Out of your Fallen series, the Teardrop/Waterfall series and the Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, did you realize it would be Fallen that would become
so popular?

It’s impossible to imagine how others will feel about your work, so I don’t try.
My focus is always on the characters, letting them tell their best version of
their story.

4. Fallen is well known for its stunning artwork, and beautiful gothic outfits. Did you have much input in these designs?

The credit goes to the visionary art department at Random House and to the
Brazilian artist, Fernanda Brussi Goncalves. I think the cover powerfully
distils the essence of the story, which is about as much as a writer can ask for
in a cover.

5. How did you feel when you found out a film was going to be made from your books? Was it a total surprise or just something you expected to
happen sooner or later?

The film rights to Fallen were sold the day the book came out, but it’s taken a
while for us to get the movie together. I’ve been glad to have that time to gain
perspective on the series and what it has meant to my readers. By the time we
got around to making the movie, I knew what mattered to them, what had to
be included.

6. Did you have much creative input in the film?

I’m an executive producer and have been honoured to develop a close
relationship with the director, Scott Hicks. I’ve contributed to everything from
the script to the music to the production design to the conception of the angels’
wings. My favourite aspect of the film is the chemistry between the cast.

7. I saw on your blog that you got behind the scenes with filming. Do you have any on-set stories you could share with us?

My favourite memory is of a late night out in Budapest, right before I flew
home. I was six months pregnant and had worn shoes with way too high heels.
But I went out dancing with the cast at a weird Hungarian nightclub. That was
when I got to see how close a bond they’d formed with one another, and how
funny and smart they are—that was when I was certain they were going to
make an amazing movie.

8. With the complex relationships between Cam/Luce and Daniel/Luce, did you ever waiver and think that Cam would be the better match for

Probably, though it’s hard to remember that now. Cam is sure tempting. He’s
based on my husband, so we end up together anyway. Eat that, Luce.

9. Unforgiven, a huge hit and certainly the best book of the series. What made you decide to tell Cam’s back story?

I’m glad you enjoyed Unforgiven! The thing I love most about that book is the
music that goes with it:
I suppose I always knew I would return to Cam’s story, it just took me a while
to figure out how to get inside it. Lilith was the key, of course, his
tempestuous ex-fiance from three thousand years back. It was cool to see
another side of Cam—even as he stayed true to the elusive, bad-boy I enjoyed
so much in Fallen.

10. Do we have any more ‘surprises’ in the Fallen series? Such as the short stories in Fallen In Love where you hint at the other angel’s relationships.

There’s one door left open at the end of Unforgiven, concerning Roland and a
coming revolution to overthrow Lucifer in Hell. I’m not sure I’ll write it yet,
but if I return to the series, I would probably look there first.

11. Would you ever write a short story about Lucinda and Daniel’s life as mortals?

I think there’s a moment in Luce and Daniel’s lives as mortals where they
brush up against the knowledge that they’re anything but…

12. Do you expect all of the books to be made into future film or TV productions?

I hope so—that depends on the fans and their support of the film. We would
all love to make Torment, Passion, and Rapture.

13. Do you have any upcoming book tour dates planned?

I’ll be in Europe for a dash this spring, though unfortunately not in the UK. I
hope I’ll be back in the UK for my next book. I always find I learn a lot from
my witty British readers.

14. Do you have any new releases planned for 2017?

I’m finishing up a revision to a new love story, very different from anything
I’ve written before. Very naughty. I can’t wait to announce the details. It will
be out in 2018.

15. Who is your favourite character from the series and why?

It took me until Rapture to say this, but now it’s Luce. I struggled with her in
the early books, but I’m proud of where she ended up. She started in a place of
deep darkness. Her name—which means light—was a goal I gave her at the
beginning. I’m really pleased with the graceful manner in which she moved
toward herself over the course of the series.

16. If you could have cast any actor/actress in the roles for the new movie, who would you have cast?

Addison, Jeremy, and Harrison forever.

17. Do you have any advise for aspiring authors?

Live curiously. Read wildly. Hold onto your mystery. Make writing friends.
Hold onto the good ones. Finish your stories.

(my favourite quote from the series)

I can't thank Ms Kate enough for finding the time in her busy schedule to speak with us.

All the best of luck for the premiere of Fallen the movie coming up soon.

Uk release date is the 10th of March, I can't wait!

Sarah Beth James