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Interview: Hegis' Grasp author and game developer gives us the lowdown on the upcoming horror sensation

Hegis' Grasp is a unique story-driven and atmospheric survival-horror game, currently being developed by Salty Goal Productions. It is based on a horror story written by Dean Clark with the same title.

You play as Henry Wood, a curious news writer looking to find out what recently changed in the once peaceful village. It will be up to you to choose how the story ends, but first, you must uncover the secret of the curse and the insane natives.

Salty Goal Productions lists these are the main selling points:

Hegis' Grasp is NOT your typical mainstream horror game. No creepy singing girls! No waking up in the middle of nowhere! No hospital! No nonsense jump-scares! No restraint in terms of brutality! Pure epic horror-adventure gameplay experience with the focus on the ambience and story.

I managed to obtain more information on Hegis' Grasp, which opened the doorway to interviewing both him and Salty Goal Productions. We take a deeper look behind the story and upcoming game.....


1 - Where did you get the idea for Hegis' Grasp?

I was looking to start writing for games and when I reached out to the indie community, I connected with Sepehr about his game he had started. He had only the cursed village concept and those soldiers arrive to rescue the main character, but not much else. From that little bit of concept, I created the story the game will be based on.

2 - How long have you been working on this story?

Since December 2016

3 - The upcoming game by Salty Goal Productions is based on your story. This must be incredibly exciting for you?

It is exciting as this will be their first game to be published that I wrote the story for! I have a few e-books with Celenic Earth Publications and am looking forward to a new platform of publishing!

4 - How did the book - game deal come about?

As I mentioned before, I was looking to join the game writing field and connected with Sepehr from Salty Goal Productions. I discussed that it would be easier to lay the story out in full and provide the small pieces from the story for the game. We decided making it an e-book will be good for interested players to get to know the story the game will be based on and good for those interested in the story, but not the game.

5 - How did you come up with the terrifying creatures in the story?

A few creatures were already created by Sepehr, but a few were added by me as well. It was a team effort to make the game, and story, more intense and make the curse much more drastic than simply making the villagers crazy.

6 - Is this a stand-alone novel, or will there be other Hegis' Grasp books?

This will be stand alone until we see how well the story and game does. If it does well enough, you can expect more adventures through Hegis' to come. And yes, I already know what the next story would entail.

7 - Are there any other games that you are writing for?

I am writing for two other games currently, but they are both Fantasy. My main project, now that Hegis' Grasp is complete, is Antreya Chronicles Online: an MMORPG set in medieval steampunk fantasy world known as Antreya. Antreya will also have book publishing to go with the game. The other is a fantasy card battle game called Neubilor. Both games are in early stages of development.

The Hegis' Grasp book is available on Amazon, Smashwords, and most popular ebook distributors. You can also follow Clark's projects on Facebook, Twitter and his Blog.


1 - The game has been given the greenlight for crowdfunding. How large is your team, and how long has Salty Goal been working on the development of the game so far?

I started working on Hegis’ Grasp (originally intended to be called Captive in Devil’s Village) early 2016 as a one-man-project. However, after releasing the first demo of the game at Halloween 2016 I realized how extremely slow, poor and inefficient the results were. I started teaming up with people such as Dean, sound composers, quite a few 3D modelers and voice actors and actresses and finally got to find an appropriate Publisher for the game. This lead to the game looking and feeling a lot more unique and solid. I’d say there are now at least 8 people involved in the process of making this game, although the technical aspect of the game itself is still in the hands of just one person.

2 - On which platforms will the game be released?

The game is going to be released for Windows, Linux, and MacOS in summer. Other platforms such as consoles and mobile may follow later on.

3 - I've seen some of the footage on the steam community site. Do you anticipate a high maturity rating?

Yes, since the game includes gore and brutal scenes, it’s required by many countries to give a mature rating. However, as someone who used to play intense horror games at a very young age, I’m going to try to keep the rating subtle.

4 - Will it be a linear storyline, or will the player have choices that will affect the gameplay?

The gameplay is everything but linear. You can take on many of the storyline’s challenges in the way and order you wish to. Further, into the story, there are crucial choices the player makes, that change the entire course and end of the story.

5 - How much thought has gone into post-production merchandising? Will there be shirts, soundtracks, etc.?

There are certainly quite a few things we have in mind regarding merchandising, including a physical Premium Edition, 3D-Printed statues of the game’s characters and creatures in cooperation with U-Dimensions, etc. But the realization of that all depends on the success and community size we achieve at the end.

6 - If this game is successful enough, do you anticipate a sequel, or is Hegis' Grasp a one-time thing?

That’s a good question. I doubt that something with the backstory of Hegis’ Grasp stays a one-time thing. DLCs or even a sequel or prequel are possible, but not planned as of right now.

7 - If you were approached for a film adaptation of the game, is that something that you could see happening?

Well, it would be a big honor to have a film adaptation of the game but unfortunately, it’s rather unlikely in today’s big film and game industry.

8 - Are there any other games that are planned post-Hegis' Grasp?

I do have a collection of other thrilling games in mind that I’m going to start developing as soon as the Hegis’ Grasp is finished and the dust has settled. But not all of them fit in the genre of horror.

More information on the upcoming game can be found on Salty Goal Productions site, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. If you would like to see this game be produced, be sure to upvote on the Steam Community.