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Interview 4: Antreya Chronicles MMORPG - 3D Graphic Development

Over the few weeks, I brought you the first interview for an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles. The interview was with Raymond van Beek, founder of and lead developer for Antreya Studios. I also interviewed Dean Clark who is the Lead Creative Writer for the creative content of the game. This was followed by the previous interview with Danielle Alaya Noelle Bruce, the Lead 2d Art Director of the 2D Graphic Design Team as well as the Assistant Marketing Administrator for Antreya Studios.

Today, I bring you an interview with the 3D Graphic Development lead, Tim Murosky, who leads the team who does all the 3D Graphics work for Antreya Chronicles.

As a reminder, Antreya Chronicles will be a role-playing game like Skyrim but set in a fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic setting.


1. Give us some background to your skills in the 3D Design arena. How long have you been designing in general?

My first experience working in 3D was when my friend Zach Trahan (one of the other team members working on the 3D team) turned me on to the Unreal Editor for Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. The two of us built upwards of 50 playable maps for that game using the Unreal Editor. After that I was inspired to head to game design school, and I have been fascinated with 3D modeling and Unreal ever since. By this point it has been several years since I started working in 3D.

2. What led you to wanting to become a game designer?

Part Dungeons and Dragons, and part Excitebike on NES were the main contributions to my pursuit of the craft. Like most people that work on RPG’s I would assume Dungeons and Dragons has some underlying influence. Once you get to actually design 3D worlds, you get to see your ideas come to life, and that is always something awesome to see happen. However working with Zach, really pushed the idea home that I could actually do what I wanted to do since I was a kid.

Antreya Chronicles - Modular Designs for 3D Concepts

3. What process do you go through when you design something?

There is a whole lot of looking around to find influence when you are designing a piece. Sometimes it is a piece of concept art, sometimes it is something you see in a cartoon, sometimes a movie sparks your attention, or a certain historical period or style. The important part is having something to help you visualize what you are trying to make. Once you have that concept built in your head, then you go into a 3D modeling program and start building the geometry. Personally I do architectural pieces, props, and world building. So I like to work in modular fashion with my pieces. This allows me to get several uses out of my models, and maintains a level of visual unity on the architecture in something like a town. Once my individual modular pieces are built, they go into a texturing program to help make them look more realistic. From there, the textured models go into a game engine, and finally everything gets put together.

Antreya Chronicles - Manor Exterior 3D Design

4. What is your inspiration for your designs?

This largely depends on the end goal. Right now for Antreya I was told Tudor Style for my current part of the project. So I modeled Tudor Style pieces to be fashioned into whatever kind of building I can imagine with the pieces on hand. My next move is props of the Steampunk variety.

Antreya Chronicles - Manor Exterior 3D Design

5. How did you get involved with Antreya Chronicles?

That is kind of a long story which involves the game I built for my company Mabus Games. To make the long story short, Dean Clark interviewed me for my game and we have been in contact ever since. I saw that he was looking for 3D modelers for the Antreya project, and an RPG was something I have always wanted to build. Seemed like a good fit to me, so here I am.

6. What is your vision for the 3D design team for Antreya?

My vision for Antreya is to make a world that feels lived in, roughed up, and realistic. One thing that is concerning me a bit is the steampunk theme. I have never built anything like that style before, so it will require some research into the look and some substantial experimentation.

7. Are there any other projects you are working on besides Antreya?

I am currently in the marketing phase for my simple tournament game called Red Falcon Run. Basically I am hunting for gamers that are good with games of skill. It is a free to play browser game for PC, and the top 3 players for the bi-weekly tournament cycle get to split the cash prize.

Antreya Chronicles - Manor Interior 3D Design

8. What tools do you use, physical and digital, when doing your designs?

Well my PC obviously… but I guess that goes without saying. However, in addition to that I use 3Ds Max for modeling, and my 3D mouse, regular mouse, and from time to time my wacom drawing tablet for soft selection stuff. I also use Substance Painter for the texturing program. (Great program for real time texturing on a 3D model… fairly cheap too.) And I also use Unreal to help build the worlds.

Antreya Chronicles - Manor Interior 3D Design

So make sure you follow Tim's Facebook page, the Red Falcon Run website, facebook page, and Twitter feed, and also Mabus Games website and portfolio.

For more information on the Antreya Chronicles game, you can visit and subscribe to the website, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Youtube, and Twitch.

Shaun M Jooste

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